FROM:ODA unveils towering Jewish school and community centre in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights

New York architecture firm ODA has released visuals of a centre for a Jewish community in Brooklyn featuring schools, sports facilities and offices stacked on top of each other.

The project, an extension to an existing girls school, features a 12-storey cube with voids cut into it and spherical play spaces for pre-school children.



The school extension comprises a 12-storey cube with voids cut into it |學校擴建部分包括一個12層高的立方體,裡面有空隙

“Our design is guided by the principle that the cube is the most compact shape,” said ODA, adding that each stacked element of the project has its own distinct form.

“The stacked campus leverages the benefits of a dense footprint, while addressing the shortfalls of vertical build,” it said. “To ensure usability, every element stands on its own merits and could function independently in a traditional horizontal composition.”


“堆積的校園利用了密集的足跡,同時解決了垂直構建的不足,”它說。 “為了確保可用性,每個元素都有自己的優點,可以在傳統的水平構圖中獨立運作。”

Spherical play spaces are also slotted into the exterior|球形遊戲空間也插入外部

The building is an expansion of the headquarters of Beth Rivka, an international network of girls schools for the children of ultra-orthodox Chasidic Jews.

It will sit next to the existing four-storey, L-shaped school in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighbourhood.

The 213,000-square-feet (19,788-square-metre) project incorporates a high school and a pre-school plus fitness and community areas. A rooftop garden that doubles as a playground completes the structure.

該建築是Beth Rivka總部的擴建,Beth Rivka是一個為極端正統的猶太人猶太人的子女組成的女子學校國際網絡。


這個面積為213,000平方英尺(19,788平方米)的項目包括一所高中,一所學前班以及健身和社區。 一個兼作遊樂場的屋頂花園完善了結構。

The “spheres of play” are designed for learning in an informal setting|“遊戲領域”專為在非正式場合學習而設計

The studio claims the project introduces a new architectural concept they call the “sixth facade”.

“Typically, a building is understood to have five facades — four sides and a roof — but we’ve identified a sixth in the surfaces that define a void,” ODA wrote. “With this sixth facade, designs incorporate a new dimension.”

A glazed high school sits above the street-level podium. Above this is the community sports centre, which is clad in steel mesh. A glazed pre-school sits above this. Various outdoor spaces have been cut into the volume while two of the spherical play rooms are visible from the street.


“通常情況下,建築物被理解為有五個立面 – 四個側面和一個屋頂 – 但我們已經確定了表面中的第六個定義空隙,”ODA寫道。 “憑藉這第六個外觀,設計融入了新的層面。”

一個帶玻璃的高中位於街道的講台上方。 上面是社區體育中心,用鋼網包裹。 一個帶玻璃的學前班坐在上面。 各種戶外空間被切割成一定的空間,而街道上可以看到兩個球形遊戲室。

Inside, an oval-shaped stairway leads to areas classrooms, the library and dining hall|在裡面,一個橢圓形的樓梯通向區域教室,圖書館和餐廳

The high school features a central atrium with an oval-shaped stairway leading to classrooms, a dining hall, administrative rooms, library, labs, video room and an art room.

A separate street entrance gives access to elevators leading to the upper pre-school levels, which feature classrooms, a cafeteria, a music room, a therapy room and private offices.



Here, the four “spheres of play” are designed for learning in an informal setting while natural light floods a triple-height atrium on the with pops of pink and a glazed roof. Stairwells and walkways offer views into the open-plan spaces.

Community facilities are located between the high school and pre-school elements. Amenities here include an indoor swimming pool, a solarium, gym, dance studio and locker rooms. An auditorium and two floors of private offices for rent complete this section.

在這裡,四個“遊戲領域”被設計用於在非正式場合學習,而自然光照射在三角高的中庭上,粉紅色和玻璃屋頂。 樓梯間和走道享有開放式空間的景緻。

社區設施位於高中和學前元素之間。 這裡的設施包括室內游泳池,日光浴室,健身房,舞蹈室和更衣室。 一個禮堂和兩層私人辦公室出租完成本節。

Facilities in the extension include a sports court and an art room|擴建部分的設施包括運動場和藝術室

Based in New York, ODA has completed a number of buildings across the city, most of which are residential. These include a top-heavy glazed structure in the Lower East Side, a “pixelated” condominium in Queens, and a colourful complex in Bushwick.

Closer to ODA’s Crown Heights school proposal is an apartment building in Brooklyn’s Gowanus area with stepped terraces on its upper levels.

官方發展援助總部設在紐約,在整個城市建造了許多建築物,其中大部分是住宅建築。 其中包括位於下東區的頂部重型玻璃結構,位於皇后區的“像素化”公寓,以及位於Bushwick的色彩繽紛的綜合建築。




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