Xiqu Centre 戲曲中心

The Xiqu Centre (English: Xiqu Centre), also known as the “West Kowloon East Gate”, is a Hong Kong opera performance venue located at the junction of Canton Road and Austin Road West, Kowloon West Kowloon Cultural District. The Opera Center is the first completed project of the West Kowloon Cultural District. It covers an area of 13,800 square meters and was started on September 24, 2013. It was completed in 2018 and cost HK$2.7 billion. It was officially opened on January 20, 2019.

戲曲中心(英語:Xiqu Centre),別稱「西九東大門」,是香港一所戲曲表演場地,位於九龍西九文化區廣東道與柯士甸道西交界。戲曲中心是西九文化區首座落成的項目,佔地13,800平方米,於2013年9月24日動工,2018年竣工,耗資27億港元建造,並於2019年1月20日正式開幕。

Location: Junction of Canton Road and Austin Road West, Kowloon West Kowloon Cultural District
Owner: West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
Type: Opera Theatre, Cantonese Opera
Number of seats: 1,100
put up
Completed: 2018
Enabled: January 20, 2019
Architect: Revery Architecture (formerly Tan Bingrong Architects) and Lu Yuanxiang Architects
Project manager: Atkins
Construction Engineer: Buro Happold
Main contractor: Xiexing Construction

建築師:Revery Architecture (前身為譚秉榮建築事務所)及呂元祥建築師事務所
Project manager:Atkins
建築工程師:Buro Happold

The design competition jury was organized by Hong Kong, Chinese mainland and foreign architects and artists, including architect Cui Wei (China), architect, urban designer Odile DECQ (France), architect Jordi FARRANDO (Spain), Member of the Development Committee of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority and Chairman of the Steering Committee and Engineer Li Cheng Shi (Hong Kong), Theatre Director Mao Junhui (Hong Kong), Architect Bao Shaoxiong (Hong Kong) and Vice Chairman of the Eighth Hall.

The design of the drama center was won by the cooperation of Lu Yuanxiang Architects and Vancouver Tan Bingrong Architects. The theme of the exhibition was Tan Hung Wing Architects and Lu Yuanxiang Architects Co., Ltd. The theme was a combination of Chinese and Western design “Our City” The Our Urban Stage defeated another Hong Kong and three foreign team programs in the final stage, which was unanimously selected by the jury. The jury pointed out that the selected program is the design that best meets the West Kowloon Cultural District.

The main body of the building is a lantern. The egg-shaped theater is located on the top floor of the opera center. It uses traditional Chinese moon arch patterns to create its smooth exterior wall shape. There are two theatres for 1,100 and 400 people and a tea house for 280 people, and a sky garden overlooking the Victoria Harbour. As the theatre is elevated, the spacious atrium will be used as an arts education centre, public leisure space, retail and catering facilities in response to public consultation.

Late change
In the later period, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority reduced the original design of the 7-storey and 2-storey basement by one floor, respectively canceling the basement parking lot and a store floor originally designed for 100 parking spaces, reducing the commercial floor of the project. 1/3, the total cost is reduced by more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars.

設計比賽評審團由香港、中國大陸及外國建築及藝術界人士所組織而成,包括建築師崔愷(中國)、建築師、城市設計師Odile DECQ(法國)、建築師Jordi FARRANDO(西班牙)、西九文化區管理局發展委員會成員及督導委員會主席暨工程師李承仕(香港)、劇場導演毛俊輝(香港)、建築師鮑紹雄(香港)及八和會館副主席阮兆輝。

戲曲中心的設計由呂元祥建築師事務所及溫哥華譚秉榮建築事務所合作共同組織而成的譚秉榮建築事務所及呂元祥建築師事務所有限公司的方案勝出,主題為糅合了中西特色的設計「我們的都市舞台」(Our Urban Stage),在最後階段擊敗了另外的1份香港及3份外國團隊方案,由評審團一致選出。評審團指出,被選中的方案是眾多方案中最能夠符合西九文化區的設計。




The audience can go straight from the square to the 13-meter atrium through the spacious gate of the opera center. The atrium has a platform for public performances or exhibitions.

Grand theatre
The Grand Theatre on the 4th to 5th floors can accommodate up to 1073 spectators. The theatre is about 30 metres above the ground and features a suspended design that separates the noise and vibration from the MTR and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed rail. It also reduces the impact of the air-conditioning sound on the performance. LED displays are placed on both sides of the stage to display Chinese and English subtitles in different colors.

Teahouse theater
The teahouse theater on the 1st floor has a maximum of 200 seats, and the audience can enjoy a 90-minute drama performance at a close distance. The performance time is from Wednesday to Sunday. The venue is the only performance venue in Hong Kong with a resident troupe, hosted by the Tea House New Star Theatre Company.

Retail and dining facilities are available in the lobby, basement and first floor, attracting people both day and night. The 2nd to 3rd floors of the Opera Centre also features a 120-seat lecture hall, an educational activity room, eight rehearsal rooms, a practice room, and a sky garden overlooking the Victoria Harbour.







FROM:西九戲曲中心 (Xiqu Centre)

FROM:Xiqu Centre, Hong Kong

FROM:戲曲中心快將開幕 The Xiqu Centre will be opening soon

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