Tokyo Disney – Star Tours: The Adventures Continue 東京迪士尼-星際旅行 冒險續行

When you sit in Star Speed 1000, an unpredictable stimulating adventure begins!

Vehicles, high speed/irritation, use of 3D images, not affected by rain, loud sound, must be in the dark
[suitable for objects]
Pregnant women are not suitable, more than 102 cm OK
Sponsor: JCB


孕婦不宜、102 cm以上OK

A full-featured 3D image will take you to the cosmic world of the movie Star Wars! In the galaxy full of surprises, you will not only be able to witness the familiar galaxies and characters in the movie, but also experience a very exciting adventure!

臨場感十足的 3D影像將帶您前往電影《星際大戰》的宇宙世界!在充滿意外驚奇的銀河航程中,您不僅能夠目睹電影中熟悉的星系、人物,更將體驗一場極具震撼力的精彩冒險!

FROM:スター・ツアーズ:ザ・アドベンチャーズ・コンティニュー / Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

FROM:STAR TOURS At Tokyo Disneyland

FROM:*New* Disneyland Star Tours FULL RIDE “The Last Jedi” NEW SCENE


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