The TEA – Theme Entertainment Association – and AECOM have published today the 2018 Theme Index: Global Attractions Attendance Report and you can download the full DPF Report HERE. Now, let’s have a closer look to the numbers as, as you’ll see, they bring interesting informations.

First, about the TOP 10 Theme Parks Groups worldwide. No surprise, Disney is in first position with an attendance of 157.311.000 visitors ( all parks together ) but Universal is not No 2, instead it’s Merlin Entertainment Group, and Universal is No 3 with 50.068.000 visitors. Six Flags is No 7 and Sea World No 9.

TEA – 主題娛樂協會 – 和AECOM今天發布了2018年主題索引:全球景點出席報告,您可以在此下載完整的DPF報告。 現在,讓我們仔細看看這些數字,正如您將看到的,它們帶來了有趣的信息。

首先,關於全球十大主題公園團體。 毫不奇怪,迪士尼排名第一,參觀人數為157.311.000(所有公園合在一起),但環球公司不是第二名,而是梅林娛樂集團,環球公司排名第三,參觀人數為50.068.000。 六旗是第7號,海洋世界第9號。

Next, the always awaited TOP 25 for Theme Parks worldwide. WDW Magic Kingdom is No 1 with 20.859.000 visitors and Disneyland Anaheim No 2 with 18.666.000 visitors, followed by TDL and TDS in Japan with 17.907.000 and 14.65.000 visitors and Universal Studios Japan as No 5 with 14.300.000 visitors. Shanghaî Disneyland is doing very well with 11.800.000 visitors. WDW Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and California Adventure are No 6, 7, 9 and 12. HKDL is No 16 with 6.700.000 visitors.

But as you see Disneyland Paris parks are not in the first 12, and Disneyland Paris Park is No 13 with 9.843.000 visitors. As for DLP Walt Disney Studios it is No 23 with 5.298.000 visitors only… it’s more than time that works begin to make out of this park a full day park, and a real good one if possible. Europa Park, DLP main competitor is No 21 with 5.720.000 visitors, Efteling No 22 with 5.400.000 visitors and Tivoli Gardens No 24 with 4.850.000 visitors.

接下來,全球主題公園期待已久的TOP 25。 WDW神奇王國排名第一,參觀人數為20.859.000,迪士尼樂園Anaheim排名第二,參觀人數為18.666.000,其次是日本的TDL和TDS,參賽人數為17.907.000,參觀人數為14.65.000,日本環球影城排名第五,參觀人數為14.300.000。 上海迪士尼樂園的參觀人數達到11.800萬人次。 WDW動物王國,未來世界,迪士尼好萊塢影城和加利福尼亞冒險都是6號,7號,9號和12號.HKDL排名第16,參觀人數為6.700.000。

但是當你看到迪斯尼樂園的巴黎公園不在前12個,迪斯尼樂園巴黎公園是13號,有9.843.000遊客。 至於DLP沃爾特迪斯尼工作室,它只有23號,只有5.298.000名訪客……不僅僅是時間,這個公園的工作開始成為一整天的公園,如果可能的話,還有一個真正好的公園。 Europ Park,DLP的主要競爭對手是排名第21位,參觀人數為5.720.000人,Efteling排名第22位,參觀人數為5.4萬人,蒂沃利花園排名第24位,參觀人數為4.850.000人。

Next is the Top 20 for Water Parks worldwide and Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are No 2 and 3 with a bit more of 2 Million visitors for each. Chimelong water park in Guangzhou, China, is No 1 with 2.740.000 visitors. Universal Volcano Bay is No 6 with 1.725.000 visitors, not bad for a new water park.Aquaventure Atlantis in the Bahamas is No 5 and Aquatica Orlando No 7.

接下來是全球水上樂園的前20名,颱風潟湖和暴雪海灘分別是2號和3號,每人的訪客量超過200萬。 中國廣州的長隆水上樂園排名第一,參觀人數為2.740.000。 環球火山灣(Universal Volcano Bay)排名第6,遊客數量為1.725萬人次,對於一個新的水上公園來說也不錯。巴哈馬群島的亞特蘭蒂斯號(Aquatica Atlantis)排名第5,奧地利水族館(Aquatica Orlando No 7)排名第5。

The three next pictures shows the TOP 20 Amusement / Theme Parks for America, Asia and Europe.


Again, i strongly recommend to download the full PDF HERE which has plenty more of precious informations about how 2018 was globally a very good year for theme parks around the world.




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