Shanghai Natural History Museum 上海自然博物館

The much anticipated Shanghai Natural History Museum, designed by Perkins+Will’s Global Design Director Ralph Johnson, has opened in Shanghai. The 44,517 square meter (479,180 square foot) museum offers visitors the opportunity to explore the natural world through the display of more than 10,000 artifacts from all seven continents. The building includes exhibit spaces, a 4D theater, an outdoor exhibit garden, and a 30-meter tall atrium that welcomes visitors with an abundance of natural light filtered through a striking glass wall inspired by the cellular structure of plants and animals.

備受期待的上海自然歷史博物館由Perkins + Will的全球設計總監拉爾夫·約翰遜設計,在上海開業。 44,517平方米(479,180平方英尺)的博物館通過展示來自七大洲的10,000多件文物,為遊客提供了探索自然世界的機會。 該建築包括展覽空間,一個4D劇院,一個室外展覽花園和一個30米高的中庭,歡迎遊客通過引人注目的玻璃牆過濾自然光線,這些玻璃牆的靈感來自植物和動物的細胞結構。

Architects: Perkins+Will
Location: 510 Bei Jing Xi Lu, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000
Category: Museum
Area: 44517.0 m2
Project Year: 2015
Photographs: James and Connor Steinkamp

建築師:Perkins + Will
照片:James和Connor Steinkamp

Perkins+Will was selected following an international design competition that included entries from some of the world’s best known architects. The overall shape and building organization was inspired by the nautilus shell, one of the purest geometric forms found in nature. Natural elements are depicted across the building’s façades including the central cell wall representing the cellular structure of plants and animals, the east living wall signifying earth’s vegetation, and the northern stone wall suggesting shifting tectonic plates and canyon walls eroded by rivers.

Perkins + Will是在參加國際設計競賽后選出的,其中包括一些世界知名建築師的參賽作品。 整體造型和建築組織的靈感來自於鸚鵡螺殼,這是自然界中最純淨的幾何形狀之一。 建築物外立面上描繪了自然元素,包括代表植物和動物細胞結構的中央細胞壁,代表地球植被的東部生活牆,以及建議移動構造板塊和河流侵蝕的峽谷壁的北部石牆。

“The use of cultural references found in traditional Chinese gardens was key to the design,” said Johnson. “Through its integration with the site, the building represents the harmony of human and nature and is an abstraction of the basic elements of Chinese art and design.”

“在中國傳統園林中使用文化參考是設計的關鍵,”約翰遜說。 “通過與場地的融合,建築代表了人與自然的和諧,是對中國藝術和設計基本要素的抽象。”

It is a bioclimatic building in that it responds to the sun by using an intelligent building skin that maximizes daylight and minimizes solar gain. The oval courtyard pond provides evaporative cooling, while the temperature of the building is regulated with a geothermal system that uses energy from the earth for heating and cooling. Rain water is collected from the vegetated roof and stored in the pond along with recycled grey water. All of the energy features of the museum are part of exhibits which explain the story of the museum.

它是一個生物氣候建築,它通過使用智能建築皮膚來響應太陽,最大化日光並最大限度地減少太陽能。 橢圓形庭院池塘提供蒸發冷卻,而建築物的溫度由地熱系統調節,該地熱系統利用來自地球的能量進行加熱和冷卻。 雨水從植被屋頂收集並與再生灰水一起儲存在池塘中。 博物館的所有能源特徵都是展示博物館故事的展品的一部分。

“For people who grew up in Shanghai, the old nature museum has a special place in their memories,” noted Managing Director for Perkins+Will’s Shanghai office James Lu. “Likewise, there is much excitement surrounding the opening of the new museum, which will have a similar place in the hearts of both residents and tourists alike. The museum will bring a renewed experience of natural history to this city for generations to come. We are honored to have served as the architect.” For more than three decades, Perkins+Will has designed dynamic projects across China. The firm’s 40-person office in Shanghai services a wide range of clients, and operates within all of Perkins+Will’s practice areas.

“對於在上海長大的人來說,古老的自然博物館在他們的記憶中佔有特殊的位置,”Perkins + Will的上海辦事處James Lu的常務董事表示。 “同樣,新博物館的開放令人興奮,這將在居民和遊客的心中都有類似的地方。 博物館將為這座城市帶來新的自然歷史體驗。 我們很榮幸能夠擔任建築師。“三十多年來,Perkins + Will在中國設計了動態項目。 該公司在上海的40人辦公室為廣泛的客戶提供服務,並在Perkins + Will的所有業務領域開展業務。

The museum is in the Jing An District, in the center of downtown Shanghai, and within the Jing An Sculpture Park. The building replaces the original Natural History Museum and improves the museum’s ability to exhibit its collection with 20 times more exhibition space.

該博物館位於上海市中心靜安區,靜安雕塑公園內。 該建築取代了原有的自然歷史博物館,並提高了博物館展示其藏品的能力,展覽空間增加了20倍。

Ranked number two among Architectural Record’s top museum design firms, Perkins+Will’s portfolio includes projects for some of the world’s most respected cultural institutions. Perkins+Will is the architect for the interior for the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, England and past work includes the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York, New York; August Wilson Center for African American Culture in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago, Illinois; A Casa Museum in São Paulo, Brazil; and Presidio Officers’ Club Museum in San Francisco, California. Additionally, Phil Freelon (now with Perkins+Will) leads the design team for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, currently in construction on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Freelon was also the design architect for the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia.

Perkins + Will的投資組合在Architectural Record的頂級博物館設計公司中排名第二,其中包括一些世界上最受尊敬的文化機構的項目。 珀金斯+威爾是英格蘭朴茨茅斯瑪麗玫瑰博物館內部的建築師,過去的工作包括紐約紐約的無畏海,航空和太空博物館; 賓夕法尼亞州匹茲堡八月威爾遜非裔美國人文化中心; 伊利諾伊州芝加哥的Peggy Notebaert自然博物館; 巴西聖保羅的一家卡薩博物館; 和加州舊金山的Presidio軍官俱樂部博物館。 此外,Phil Freelon(現為Perkins + Will)領導史密森尼國家非裔美國人歷史和文化博物館的設計團隊,目前正在華盛頓特區的國家廣場上建設。 Freelon還是佐治亞州亞特蘭大市民權與人權中心的設計架構師。


FROM:Shanghai Natural History Museum

FROM:Shanghai Sculpture Park and Natural History Museum

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