Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that Fantasy Springs will be the name of the eighth and newest Tokyo DisneySea themed port which is being developed together with a new Disney hotel. The themed port and hotel are scheduled to open in fiscal year 2022 as part of the large-scale expansion of Tokyo DisneySea Park. For this project, Oriental Land is investing 250 billion yen, the largest additional investment to date for existing facilities.

Themed to a magical spring that leads to a world of Disney fantasy, Fantasy Springs consists of three areas inspired by Disney films that are beloved by Guests of all ages—Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan. Stepping into this new themed port, Guests will find waterfalls and ponds flowing with the magical spring waters. The themed port’s attractions and restaurants will give Guests the opportunity to experience the story of each film. Overlooking Fantasy Springs and situated inside Tokyo DisneySea will be a Disney hotel that offers deluxe and luxury level accommodations.

東方置業有限公司宣布,Fantasy Springs將成為第八個和最新的東京迪士尼海洋主題港口的名稱,該港口正在與一家新的迪士尼酒店一起開發。作為東京迪士尼海洋公園大規模擴建的一部分,主題港口和酒店計劃在2022財年開業。對於這個項目,東方土地投資2500億日元,這是迄今為止現有設施的最大額外投資。

Fantasy Springs以幻想春天為主題,以夢幻般的迪士尼夢幻世界為主題,由迪士尼電影啟發的三個區域組成,受到所有年齡段客人的喜愛 – Frozen,Tangled和Peter Pan。踏入這個新的主題港口,客人會發現瀑布和池塘與神奇的泉水一起流淌。主題港口的景點和餐廳將讓客人有機會體驗每部電影的故事。俯瞰Fantasy Springs,位於東京迪士尼海洋中心的迪士尼酒店將提供豪華和豪華級別的住宿。

FROM:【公式】東京ディズニーシーの新たなテーマポート「ファンタジースプリングス」 | 東京ディズニーシー/Tokyo DisneySea

The four attractions, three restaurants and one shop in Fantasy Springs, as well as the new Disney hotel, have all been newly developed exclusively for this expansion. With the opening of Fantasy Springs, Guests of Tokyo DisneySea will enjoy a first-of-its-kind, new world of fantasy in the only Disney Park themed to the myths and legends of the sea. Fantasy Springs will be connected to other areas of the Park through a pathway between Arabian Coast and Lost River Delta.

Bob Iger, Philippe Gas, Shanghaî Disneyland President as well as Tokyo Disney Resort President and executives were there for the groundbreaking ceremony and name reveal.

Fantasy Springs的四個景點,三家餐廳和一家商店以及新的迪士尼酒店都是專為此次擴建而新開發的。 隨著Fantasy Springs的開幕,東京迪士尼海洋遊樂園的賓客將在唯一一個以海洋神話和傳說為主題的迪士尼樂園中享受獨一無二的全新幻想世界。 Fantasy Springs將通過阿拉伯海岸和迷失河三角洲之間的通道連接到公園的其他區域。

Bob Iger,Philippe Gas,上海迪士尼樂園總裁以及東京迪士尼度假區總裁和高管們都在那裡舉行奠基儀式並透露姓名。

New concept-arts were also released, the first ones below showing the entrance to Fantasy Springs, day and night…


Note the Peter Pan, Frozen and Tangled characters sculpted in the rocks, on left, right and center of the entrance to Fantasy Springs.


…and the two others are showing springs within Fantasy Springs, also with characters sculpted in the rocks, here i think Cinderella.


The next picture below shows the area where Fantasy Springs and the new hotel will be built.

下面的圖片顯示了Fantasy Springs和新酒店的建造區域。

The expansion at Tokyo DisneySea will create an eighth themed port that is inspired by a magical spring leading to a world of Disney fantasy. The themed port will be comprised of three distinct areas recreating the worlds of the Disney films Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan, as well as a deluxe hotel with a one-of-a-kind luxury wing that will be the most luxurious accommodations ever at Tokyo Disney Resort. Four new attractions will be developed just for this expansion. Operations are projected to begin in fiscal year 2022. Oriental Land will invest about 250 billion yen in this project, the largest additional investment to date for existing facilities

東京迪士尼海洋樂園的擴建將創造一個第八個主題港口,其靈感來自於一個通向迪士尼夢幻世界的神奇春天。 主題港口將由三個不同的區域組成,重現迪士尼電影“冰雪奇緣”,“糾結”和“彼得潘”的世界,以及一個豪華的酒店,擁有獨一無二的豪華翼樓,將成為有史以來最豪華的住宿體驗。 東京迪士尼度假區 將為此次擴張開發四個新的景點。 預計運營將在2022財年開始。東方土地將在該項目中投資約2500億日元,這是迄今為止現有設施的最大額外投資

Tokyo DisneySea Large-Scale Expansion Project

1. Overview of “Tokyo DisneySea Large-Scale Expansion Project”
a. Site to be developed: the Guest parking area adjacent to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, which will be relocated so that the Tokyo DisneySea property can expand into that space
b. Number of facilities: four attractions, three food facilities, one shop, one hotel
c. Development area: about 140,000 m2 (about 100,000 m2 for the theme park and hotel)
d. Completion of project: in fiscal year 2022 (tentative)
e. Investment amount: about 250 billion yen (tentative)


a. 擬開發的地點:毗鄰東京迪士尼樂園和東京迪斯尼海洋樂園的賓客停車區,將重新安置,以便東京迪士尼海洋樂園可以擴展到該空間
b. 設施數量:四個景點,三個食品設施,一個商店,一個酒店
C. 開發麵積:約14萬平方米(主題公園和酒店約100,000平方米)
d. 項目完成:2022財政年度(暫定)
e. 投資金額:約2500億日元(暫定)

2. Overview of new themed port

Themed to magical springs that lead to a world of Disney fantasy, the new port will consist of three areas inspired by Disney films that are beloved by Guests of all ages—Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan. By entering the new themed port and exploring its numerous springs, Guests will discover Anna and Elsa’s kingdom of Arendelle; the forest and tower where Rapunzel lives; and Never Land and—the home of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys. Guests will be able to experience these wonderful, fantastical worlds as no one has before.
The four attractions and the Disney hotel have been newly developed expressly for this project. This new themed port is certain to enhance the appeal of Tokyo DisneySea, the only Disney Park themed to the myths and legends of the sea.


這個新港口以神奇的泉水為主題,通向迪斯尼幻想世界,將由迪士尼電影啟發的三個區域組成,這些電影深受所有年齡段客人的喜愛 – 冰雪奇緣,糾結和小飛俠。 通過進入新的主題港口並探索其眾多的泉水,客人將發現安娜和艾爾莎的Arendelle王國; 長發公園所居住的森林和塔樓; 和永遠的土地和彼得潘,小叮噹和失落的男孩的家。 客人將能夠像以前一樣體驗這些奇妙而美妙的世界。
這個項目專門為這四個景點和迪士尼酒店新開發。 這個新的主題港口肯定會增強東京迪斯尼海洋樂園的吸引力,這是唯一以海洋神話和傳說為主題的迪士尼樂園。

3. Overview of the three areas

Area themed to the Disney film Frozen:

This area is set in Arendelle after the events in the film when Queen Elsa has embraced her magical power to control snow and ice. She has since opened the castle gates so that Guests can freely visit the Kingdom. Located here will be a heartwarming attraction that tells the story of Elsa and her beloved sister, Anna. Guests will board boats and experience the sisters’ heartfelt journey while enjoying iconic songs from the film and encountering surprising thrills. Also located in this area will be a restaurant set inside Arendelle Castle at the foot of beautiful, snow-capped mountains.



電影事件發生後,這個區域位於Arendelle,當時Queen Elsa已經擁抱了她控製冰雪的神奇力量。 此後,她打開城堡大門,以便客人可以自由地遊覽王國。 位於這裡將是一個溫馨的景點,講述艾爾莎和她心愛的妹妹安娜的故事。 客人將登船並體驗姐妹們的精彩之旅,同時欣賞電影中的標誌性歌曲並遇到令人驚喜的驚險刺激。 位於該地區的餐廳位於美麗的白雪皚皚山脈腳下的Arendelle Castle城堡內。

Area themed to the Disney film Tangled:

Guests visiting this area will discover Rapunzel’s tower rising above in a charming forest. The area will include an attraction that follows Rapunzel to the lantern festival and a restaurant inspired by the hideout of the humorous band of thugs who appeared in the film. In the attraction, Guests will board gondolas for a romantic boat tour of Rapunzel’s “best day ever” as she journeys with Flynn to the lantern festival. Countless flickering lanterns illuminate the attraction’s climactic scene while Rapunzel and Flynn sing an iconic song from the film, building to an unforgettable finale.


參觀該地區的客人將在迷人的森林中發現Rapunzel的塔樓。 該地區將包括一個跟隨Rapunzel參加燈籠節的景點和一個餐廳,其靈感來自於電影中出現的幽默暴徒樂隊的藏身之處。 在景點中,客人將登上貢多拉船,參加Rapunzel的“有史以來最好的一天”浪漫之旅,與Flynn一起前往元宵節。 無數閃爍的燈籠照亮了景點的高潮場景,而Rapunzel和Flynn則從電影中唱出了一首標誌性的歌曲,構建了令人難忘的結局。

Area themed to the Disney film Peter Pan:

Home to two attractions and a restaurant, the Never Land area will feature landmarks that make that fantastical world so memorable, including verdant mountains, Captain Hook’s pirate ship and Skull Rock. One attraction will fly Guests over the jungles of Never Land into a battle with Captain Hook and his crew of pirates. Guests will join Peter Pan in an adventure to rescue Wendy’s younger brother, John, who has been kidnapped by Captain Hook and his pirates. Guests board boats and follow the Lost Boys down a river. When Tinker Bell sprinkles the boats with pixie dust, Guests find themselves flying through Never Land on an unprecedented adventure that features iconic music and dynamic 3D imagery of the characters from the film.

A second attraction immerses Guests in the oversized world of Pixie Hollow where Tinker Bell and her fairy friends live and work. The restaurant is inspired by the Lost Boys and their hideout, affording lovely views of Never Land that Guests can enjoy while they dine.

以迪士尼電影Peter Pan為主題的區域:

Never Land地區擁有兩個景點和一個餐廳,將擁有令人難忘的奇妙世界的地標,包括青翠的山脈,胡克船長的海盜船和骷髏岩。一個景點將乘客飛越Never Land的叢林,與胡克船長和他的海盜船員進行戰鬥。客人將加入彼得潘的冒險,以拯救溫迪的弟弟約翰,他被胡克船長和他的海盜綁架。客人登上船隻,沿著迷失的男孩沿河而下。當小叮噹灑上小精靈的塵埃時,客人發現自己正在穿越Never Land,進行前所未有的冒險活動,其中包含電影中人物的標誌性音樂和動態3D圖像。

第二個景點讓客人沉浸在Pixie Hollow的超大世界中,Tinker Bell和她的童話朋友們生活和工作。餐廳的靈感來自迷失男孩及其隱藏處,享有Never Land的美景,客人可以在用餐時享用。

Overview of the new Disney hotel:

Themed to Disney fantasy, the new Disney hotel will be located inside the Park. The hotel will rise above and around the magical springs that serve as the core of the new themed port’s story. Park-facing rooms will provide beautiful views of the port’s majestic landscape, affording Guests a magical experience that can only be had at this hotel. The Disney hotel will offer 475 deluxe-type and luxury-type guest rooms, with the latter providing the finest accommodations in Tokyo Disney Resort. A merchandise shop that helps share the story of the magical springs will be found on the hotel’s first floor, facing the Park.


迪士尼新酒店以迪士尼幻想為主題,位於公園內。 酒店將在神奇的泉水之上和周圍升起,作為新主題港口故事的核心。 面向公園的客房將享有港口雄偉景觀的美麗景色,為客人提供只有在這家酒店才能享受的神奇體驗。 迪士尼酒店將提供475間豪華客房和豪華客房,後者提供東京迪士尼度假區最好的住宿。 酒店的一樓面向公園,設有一間商店,可以幫助您分享神奇泉水的故事。

Facility Details:
(As of the date of this release. Details subject to change.)
Area themed to Frozen:
One attraction One restaurant
Area themed to Tangled:
One attraction One restaurant
Area themed to Peter Pan:
Two attractions One restaurant
Merchandise facility
One shop
Disney hotel:
Guest Rooms: 475
Facilities: Two restaurants
One lobby lounge One parking area Other facilities
Note: This information is subject to change.




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