Ribbon Chapel 絲帶教堂

Located in the back garden of the Bella Vista Sakaigahama Resort in Hiroshima, Japan, this double-spiral ribbon church stands on the top of the hill and has panoramic views of the Seto Inland Sea. Many people find it because of its location and beautiful scenery. Here is a romantic wedding.

這座位於日本廣島尾道Bella Vista Sakaigahama度假酒店後花園中,矗立於山頂上,並且擁有著瀨戶內海全景的雙螺旋絲帶教堂,因為位置絕佳又風景絕美的緣故,讓許多人憧憬到這裡辦場浪漫的婚禮。

The shape of the whole church is quite simple. It is composed of two spiral staircases entwined together. This image is based on the visual perception of marriage “two people are closely related”. The two stairs finally meet at the top of the 15.4 meter high, forming a platform, like two people with different life experiences, joining hands and going forward in the future. The space at the bottom of the church is a wedding hall for 80 people who can cross the trees and see the sea.


This church is different from the design of a general building. It replaces the roof, walls and floor with a winding staircase and creates a new space. The width of the stairs is also designed to be enough for two people to walk through, the location of the top confluence is carefully planned and meaningful, and the wonderful vision guaranteed after the summit makes the summit a hope, and the top platform becomes the sunshade for the bottom. roof.


The vertical surface of the building’s exterior is painted in white, self-supporting long planks. The bottom and interior of the stairs are made of zinc alloy that is soft enough to withstand curvature changes while resisting sea breeze.


Architects hope that this unique path will experience oceans, mountains, skies, landscapes, distant islands and lost architecture. Let the bride and groom celebrate and experience in a total length of up to 160 meters.


Mutual support spiral 相互支持的螺旋

The entire double helix frame is tightly integrated through four points, and the architect uses three-dimensional hoops to resist horizontal forces to allow the structures to support each other and to be independent. Solid steel of 100 mm diameter only bears vertical loads.

整個雙螺旋構架通過四個點緊密聯合,建築師利用三維箍抵抗水平力而讓結構相互支持和獨立。 100毫米直徑的實心鋼只承擔垂直荷載。


FROM:[Japanese Collection] Episode 7: Ribbon Chapel by Hiroshi Nakamura – 2013

FROM:Ribbon Chapel / Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Architects

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