GR House

Inserted in a plot of land of irregular geometry and surrounded by constructions of little architectural value, this villa emerges as a consequence of its constraints.


Architects: Paulo Martins
Location: United States
Category: Houses Lead
Architect: Paulo Martins
Area: 696.0 m2
Project Year: 2018
Manufacturers: AMOP Lda, DAIKIN, Efapel, Elica, Roca, Technal, CLIMAR, Sanindusa, ETICS

建築師:Paulo Martins
製造商:AMOP Lda,DAIKIN,Efapel,Elica,Roca,Technal,CLIMAR,Sanindusa,ETICS

If, on the one hand there is a reluctance to visually relate the villa’s interior spaces to its immediate surroundings, on the other hand, there is an uncontrollable desire to turn the villa entirely to face eastwards, towards its view of thunderous beauty and discrete privacy. A further constraint is the fact that its orientation is not ideal, in other words, the view is predominantly facing east, to the south is the far end of the land, and to the west lies a national road with a village coffee shop on the other side of the street… Thus, arose the need for introversion and hermeticism, making the constructed volume emerge as an inert, mimicking nature and assuming its exception in the eastern wing, whose volumetric deformation declares and accentuates its willing openness and submission to the views beyond. Its forms are irregular, its colors earthen, the openings on its elevations are almost inexistent, appearing in the form of patios and skylights, visible only from higher up.

一方面,如果不願意將別墅的內部空間與其周圍的環境視覺聯繫起來,另一方面,有一種無法控制的願望將別墅完全轉向朝東,朝著雷鳴般的美景和離散隱私的視角。 另一個限制因素是它的方向不理想,換句話說,視圖主要面向東方,南方是土地的遠端,而西方則是一條鄉村公路,上面有一個鄉村咖啡館。 街道的另一邊……因此,出現了內向和密封的需要,使得構造的體積呈現出一種惰性的,模仿的性質,並在東翼展現其例外,其體積變形宣告並強調其願意開放和服從 超越的觀點。 它的形狀是不規則的,它的顏色是土的,它的高度上的開口幾乎不存在,以天井和天窗的形式出現,只能從較高的位置看到。

Walking along the successive ramps encountered since the entrance into this parcel of land, we are taken to a moment of transition between the interior and exterior, which is announced by its coating in roble wood, an exceptional superlative and invitation to enter through the oversized door that separates the hermetic and mysterious exterior from its pure and warm interior, with its spaces generously illuminated with zenithal light pointed towards the valley, where the mist denounces the crossing of a river.

自從進入這片土地以來,沿著連續的坡道行走,我們被帶到內部和外部之間的過渡時刻,這是通過其在滾動木材上的塗層宣布的,一個特殊的最高級和邀請通過超大門進入 它將氣密和神秘的外觀與其純淨和溫暖的內部隔開,其空間慷慨地照亮了指向山谷的天頂燈,薄霧譴責了河流的交叉。

A clear outside/indoor duality stresses the idea of the villa’s lack of interest in its relations with the immediate environment, without this hindering the existential dynamics of its interior.
Programmatically, the reception areas of the house face eastwards (valley) and the intimate zones westwards (road), with these spaces being separated by a large indoor patio around which it is possible to walk, creating enriched spatial and visual dynamics.



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