Stealth Building 隱形建築

In new york, behind one of tribeca’s oldest cast iron façades, WORKac has completed the construction of a series of spacious loft residences. ‘the stealth building’ takes its name from a hidden rooftop structure that contains the development’s three story penthouse. the city’s landmarks commission required any rooftop addition to be invisible, a significant challenge considering that the building is located on a prominent corner plot with a low, two-storey structure across the street.

在紐約,在tribeca最古老的鑄鐵外牆之一,WORKac已經完成了一系列寬敞的閣樓住宅的建設。 “隱形建築”的名字來自一個隱藏的屋頂結構,其中包含該開發區的三層樓頂層公寓。 該城市的地標委員會要求任何屋頂增建都是隱形的,這是一個重大的挑戰,因為該建築位於一條突出的角落地塊,街對面有一層低矮的兩層建築。

Project: the stealth building, new york
Client/construction manager: knightsbridge properties
Architect/interior designer/landscape architect: WORK architecture company, new york dan wood, FAIA, amale andraos (principals); sam dufaux (associate principal); karl landsteiner (construction administration project architect); chris oliver (design project architect); maggie tsang, timo otto, patrick daurio
Mechanical/electrical engineer: plus group consulting engineering
Structural engineer: robert silman associates
Lighting designer: tillotson design associates
Restoration architect: CTS group
Artist, column capitals: michael hansmeyer
Code consultant: CCBS consulting
Size: 14,000 sqf / 1,300 sqm (building, including addition); 3,400 sqf / 316 sqm (penthouse unit)

建築師/室內設計師/景觀設計師:WORK architecture company,new york dan wood,FAIA,amale andraos(principals); sam dufaux(副校長); karl landsteiner(建築管理項目建築師); 克里斯奧利弗(設計項目建築師); maggie tsang,timo otto,patrick daurio
藝術家,專欄資本:michael hansmeyer
面積:14,000平方英尺/ 1,300平方米(建築,包括新增); 3,400平方英尺/ 316平方米(閣樓單位)

Blending contemporary architecture with historic preservation, WORKac used three rooftop projections to mask the addition: the triangular pediment of the historic carey building next door, as well as the circular pediment and an abandoned elevator bulkhead at the top of the building itself. the ‘shadow’ created by these projections informed the available area for the new structure, resulting in a sculptural form that remains completely invisible from the street below.

WORKac將現代建築與歷史保護相結合,使用了三個屋頂投影來掩蓋其中的一個:隔壁歷史悠久的小型建築的三角形山牆,以及建築頂部的圓形山牆和廢棄的電梯艙壁。 這些投影產生的“陰影”為新結構的可用區域提供了信息,從而形成了一種雕塑形式,從下面的街道中完全看不到。

Internally, the architects sought to create spaces that combine nature-inspired elements with new ideas about urban living. within each apartment, a ‘third space’ between sleeping and living areas has been positioned atop a volume containing storage and bathrooms. this ‘bonsai apartment’ is outfitted with a futon, seating areas, and a herb garden located above the kitchen. an additional fern garden is connected to the master shower and is watered by steam that collects on its glass walls.

在內部,建築師尋求創造空間,將自然靈感元素與城市生活的新觀念相結合。 在每個公寓內,睡眠區和起居區之間的“第三空間”位於包含存儲空間和浴室的容積之上。 這間’bonsai apartment’公寓配有蒲團,休息區和位於廚房上方的藥草園。 一個額外的蕨類花園與主淋浴相連,並通過收集在其玻璃牆上的蒸汽澆水。

On the fifth floor, the penthouse combines the property’s sleeping quarters and a family room with entertaining and dining spaces under the new roof at the sixth storey. a secluded terrace is positioned behind the pediment, offering views of the woolworth building. meanwhile, the former elevator bulkhead has been repurposed to contain a hot tub.

在五樓,頂層公寓結合了酒店的睡眠區和一個家庭活動室,在第六層的新屋頂下設有娛樂和用餐空間。 一個僻靜的露台位於山牆後面,享有woolworth建築的景緻。 與此同時,前電梯艙壁已改變用途,包含一個熱水浴缸。

The original façade, which dates back to 1857, has been completely restored, and colored with a new charcoal tone. as all of the building’s corinthian column capitols had been lost, WORKac collaborated with artist michael hansmeyer to manufacture updated versions. hansmeyer created a computer script that allowed the classical floral elements of the corinthean order to ‘grow’ fractally, resulting in a design that adheres to classical proportions yet is clearly composed of new forms.

原始的外觀可追溯至1857年,經過全面修復,並採用全新的木炭色調。 由於所有建築物的科林斯式柱頭都已丟失,WORKac與藝術家michael hansmeyer合作製作了更新版本。 hansmeyer創建了一個計算機腳本,允許corinthean命令的經典花卉元素分形“增長”,從而使設計符合經典比例,但顯然由新形式組成。


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