Safety Orange Swimmers 安全橙色游泳運動員

SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers) makes a connection between the Grand River and all the rivers and seas that people have crossed for millennia in search of shelter, freedom, prosperity and safety. The figures, which are painted the color of traffic cones or life vests, might suggest the waves of migration and immigration on which the City of Grand Rapids and the nation are largely built and they recall current global migration trends. Each of the 22 cast-foam figures represents more than one million of the UNHCR’s estimated 22.5 million refugees in the world today. Animated by the environment, the group of Swimmers take on a life of their own. Changing weather conditions and different viewpoints give the installation a range of meanings.

OS(安全橙色游泳運動員)將大河與人們跨越千年的所有河流和海洋聯繫起來,尋求庇護,自由,繁榮和安全。 這些數字被描繪成交通錐或救生衣的顏色,可能表明大急流城和國家基本建成的移民和移民浪潮,他們回憶起當前的全球移民趨勢。 22個鑄造泡沫塑料中的每一個都代表了難民署今天估計的2250萬難民中的100多萬。 在環境的影響下,游泳者群體擁有自己的生活。 不斷變化的天氣條件和不同的觀點為安裝提供了一系列含義。

SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers)was installed in Boston Harbor during the fall of 2016. The installation instantly engaged the public with 22 bright orange figures floating in a kinetic, dynamically changing group. Animated by wind and currents into mesmerizing formations, the attention grabbing display caused passers-by to stop, look and consider: Each foam figure represents nearly one million of the estimated 21.3 million refugees worldwide who face peril seeking safety and freedom. SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers)sparked conversation in national print media, on local TV networks and around the blogosphere. Members of the public posted hundreds of pictures to social media with hashtags #SOSswimmers, #FortPointArts, #FortPointChannel. FPAC calls SOS its “most successful project to date in terms of audience engagement.” FPAC’s social media platform exploded in the days and weeks following the installation, with hundreds of comments sparking thousands of reposts across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

SOS(安全橙色游泳運動員)將大河與人們跨越千年的所有河流和海洋聯繫起來,尋求庇護,自由,繁榮和安全。 這些數字被描繪成交通錐或救生衣的顏色,可能表明大急流城和國家基本建成的移民和移民浪潮,他們回憶起當前的全球移民趨勢。 22個鑄造泡沫塑料中的每一個都代表了難民署今天估計的2250萬難民中的100多萬。 在環境的影響下,游泳者群體擁有自己的生活。 不斷變化的天氣條件和不同的觀點為安裝提供了一系列含義。


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