A Monumental Journey 一個巨大的旅程

The year was 1924. A dozen African-American lawyers who could not gain membership in the American Bar Association because of their race decided to form a professional organization they could belong to. Five of the founding members of what was first called the Negro Bar Association lived and worked in Iowa. And it was in Des Moines the group now known as the National Bar Association was incorporated in August of 1925. Until now, there has been no monument to their achievement. District Associate Judge Odell McGhee, a former president of the association, thought that was wrong.

這一年是1924年。十幾位非洲裔美國律師由於他們的種族而無法獲得美國律師協會的會員資格,因此決定組建他們可能屬於的專業組織。最初被稱為黑人律師協會的五位創始成員在愛荷華州生活和工作。在得梅因,現在被稱為國家律師協會的團體於1925年8月成立。直到現在,他們的成就還沒有紀念碑。該協會的前任主席,地區副法官Odell McGhee認為這是錯誤的。

Artist:Kerry James Marshall
Lifespan:born 1955
Art Type:Monuments, Sculpture
Media / Materials:Manganese Ironspot brick, Steel
Year Completed:July 2018
Credit:Commissioned by Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation, 2018.1
Latitude & Longitude:41.589397, -93.619668
Location Description:Other Public Art Downtown
The project is located along the Principal Riverwalk at the corner of Grand & 2nd Avenues in Hansen Triangle Park.

藝術家:Kerry James Marshall
該項目位於漢森三角公園大和第二大道拐角處的Principal Riverwalk沿線。

“It would be really nice if we had something, something coming out of the ground somewhere that would be a reminder to people that some folks passed this way,” he says.


Now, there is a 30-foot-high, black brick sculpture to honor the formation of the National Bar Association in Des Moines. “A Monumental Journey” sits in Hansen Triangle Park bordered by Grand and 2nd avenues downtown. It’s the work of Chicago-based artist Kerry James Marshall, a one-time winner of the so-called “genius grant” from the MacArthur Foundation. It’s shaped to resemble African talking drums, one on top of the other. But Marshall designed them off-kilter as if the top drum is about to tip over. He says it sends a message.

現在,有一個30英尺高的黑磚雕塑,以紀念得梅因國家律師協會的成立。 “紀念性的旅程”坐落在漢森三角公園,毗鄰市中心的大道和第二大道。 這是芝加哥藝術家克里詹姆斯馬歇爾的作品,他是麥克阿瑟基金會所謂的“天才獎”的一次性獲獎者。 它的形狀類似於非洲的說話鼓,一個在另一個之上。 但馬歇爾設計它們的時間非常接近,好像頂鼓即將翻倒一樣。 他說它發了一條消息。

“The idea of what it means to pursue justice and how justice is achieved had to be at the center of my ideas about the piece,” he says. “And since we know justice is never really guaranteed, it’s not a simple matter, it’s always complicated, and it’s precarious.”

“追求正義以及如何實現正義意味著什麼必須成為我對這件作品的看法的中心,”他說,“而且因為我們知道正義從來沒有真正得到保證,所以這不是一件簡單的事情,它是 總是很複雜,而且很不穩定。

“It took 18 years from the time Judge McGhee and other community members formed a steering committee to look into a sculpture to honor Des Moines’ place in the history of African-American lawyers to a dedication ceremony this week. The Public Art Foundation of Greater Des Moines led a drive to raise more than a million dollars for the project. The occasion drew the current president of the association, Juan Thomas. He says the large piece is more than a symbol for his organization.

麥格希法官和其他社區成員組成一個指導委員會,花了18年的時間來研究雕塑,以紀念德梅因在非洲裔美國律師歷史上的地位,本周致敬。 大得梅因公共藝術基金會為該項目籌集了超過一百萬美元的資金。 這一場合吸引了現任協會主席胡安托馬斯。 他說這件大件不僅僅是他組織的象徵。

“But also we gather today in memory of those unknown and unnamed Africans, who were enslaved in this country, who never became lawyers, who never became judges, who were never allowed to go to law school because they lived at a time when it was illegal to teach a black person to read,” he says.

There were fewer than a thousand black lawyers practicing in the U.S. in 1925 when the National Bar Association was created. Today it represents a professional network of more than 60,000. One of them is Waterloo native Danielle Carr, who spoke two years ago when ground was broken for “A Monumental Journey.”

“For me, the monument will serve as a reminder of how proud I am to be an African-American attorney who provides support to the National Bar Associations initiatives, and how proud I am to call the state that gave birth to the NBA my home,” she says.

The five Iowans who were critical to the historic creation of the National Bar Association were George Woodson, who was the organization’s first president; S. Joe Brown; James B. Morris; Charles Howard Sr.; and Gertrude Rush, the first African-American woman ever admitted to the bar.


1925年全國律師協會成立時,在美國執業的黑人律師不到一千人。如今,它代表著一個超過60,000的專業網絡。其中一位是滑鐵盧本地人丹尼爾·卡爾(Danielle Carr),他在兩年前因為“紀念性旅程”而被打破時發表了講話。

“對我而言,這座紀念碑將提醒我,我是多麼自豪地成為一名非洲裔美國人的律師,他為國家律師協會的倡議提供支持,我有多自豪地稱我的家為NBA我的家。 ,“ 她說。

對歷史性建立國家律師協會至關重要的五位愛荷華人是喬治伍德森,他是該組織的第一任總統; S.喬布朗;詹姆斯B.莫里斯; Charles Howard Sr。;和格特魯德拉什,第一個入住酒吧的非裔美國女性。



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