Museo Soumaya 索馬亞博物館

The Museo Soumaya is a private museum in Mexico City and a non-profit cultural institution with two museum buildings in Mexico City – Plaza Carso and Plaza Loreto. It has over 66,000 works from 30 centuries of art including sculptures from Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica, 19th- and 20th-century Mexican art and an extensive repertoire of works by European old masters and masters of modern western art such as Auguste Rodin, Salvador Dalí, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo and Tintoretto. It is called one of the most complete collections of its kind. The museum is named after Soumaya Domit, who died in 1999, and was the wife of the founder of the museum Carlos Slim. The museum received an attendance of 1,095,000 in 2013, making it the most visited art museum in Mexico and the 56th in the world that year. In October 2015, the museum welcomed its five millionth visitor.

Museo Soumaya博物館是墨西哥城的一個私人博物館,是一個非營利性文化機構,在墨西哥城有兩座博物館建築 – Plaza Carso和Plaza Loreto。 它擁有超過66,000件來自30世紀藝術作品,包括Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica的雕塑,19世紀和20世紀的墨西哥藝術作品,以及歐洲古代大師和現代西方藝術大師的廣泛作品,如Auguste Rodin,SalvadorDalí, BartoloméEstebanMurillo和Tintoretto。 它被稱為同類中最完整的集合之一。 該博物館以Soumaya Domit命名,他於1999年去世,是Carlos Slim博物館創始人的妻子。 該博物館於2013年參加了1,095,000人,成為墨西哥訪問量最大的藝術博物館,也是當年世界排名第56的博物館。 2015年10月,博物館迎來了第500萬名訪客。

Location:Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City Mexico
Coordinates:19.440806°N 99.204583°W
Type:Art museum
Accreditation:ICOM; Mexican ILM; FEMAM
Collection size:66,000+
Visitors:1.1 million (2013)
Ranked: 1st nationally
Ranked: 56th globally
Founder:Carlos Slim
Director: Alfonso Miranda
Owner:Carlos Slim Foundation
Public transit access:Metro Polanco
Mexico City Metro Mexico City Metro Line 7

地點:墨西哥墨西哥城Nuevo Polanco
坐標:19.440806°N 99.204583°W
創始人:Carlos Slim
導演:Alfonso Miranda
公共交通接入:Metro Polanco

The original building of the Museo Soumaya, opened in 1994, is in the Plaza Loreto of San Ángel in the southern part of Mexico City. The new building in Plaza Carso in the Nuevo Polanco district was designed by the Mexican architect Fernando Romero and opened in 2011. The building is named after Lebanese-Mexican Soumaya Domit Gemayel who is the late wife of Lebanese-Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helo. Her relatives are also the important political family Gemayel in Lebanon and is a cousin of the former President’s Bashir and Amine Gemayel.

Museo Soumaya博物館的原始建築於1994年開放,位於墨西哥城南部的SanÁngel的Plaza Loreto。 位於Nuevo Polanco區的Plaza Carso新大樓由墨西哥建築師Fernando Romero設計,於2011年開業。該建築以黎巴嫩 – 墨西哥Soumaya Domit Gemayel命名,他是黎巴嫩 – 墨西哥億萬富翁Carlos Slim Helo的已故妻子。 她的親屬也是黎巴嫩重要的政治家庭杰馬耶勒,也是前總統巴希爾和艾美傑瑪耶的堂兄。

Plaza Loreto
Built near the Magdalena river the museum’s first building is on what was part of the encomienda of the conquistador Hernán Cortés in the 15th century. His son Martín Cortés installed a wheat watermill on the site which in the 19th century was converted to a paper mill. In 1905 a fire broke out in the facility and as a result, on 13 October 1905, its then owners sold to Alberto Lenz. In 1906 Lenz converted the mill to a factory named Fábrica de Papel de Loreto y Peña Pobre after which the current plaza is named.

In the 1980s, another fire destroyed most of the facilities and operations were transferred to the state of Tlaxcala. This led to the Grupo Carso undertaking an urban conversion of the ruins to turn it into what is now the site of the museum – officially founded in 1994. In 1996 the museum received heritage recognition from ICOMOS. The museum building featured four distinct rooms each of which had a specific theme: European & Mexican landscape; The age of Rodin; Mexican calendars; temporary exhibitions. In 2014, on the occasion of its 19th anniversary, it hosted the exhibition European Landscapes, showing 50 works by Pierre-Antoine Demachy, Klaes Molenaer and Joost Carhelisz. 24 of these were new acquisitions.

博物館的第一座建築建於馬格達萊納河附近,是15世紀征服者埃爾南科爾特斯(HernánCortés)的一部分。他的兒子馬丁·科爾特斯(MartínCortés)在該遺址上安裝了一個小麥水車,該水車在19世紀被改建為造紙廠。 1905年,該設施發生火災,因此,1905年10月13日,其當時的所有者賣給了Alberto Lenz。 1906年,倫茨將工廠改建為一家名為FábricadePapel de LoretoyPeñaPobre的工廠,之後該工廠被命名為。

在20世紀80年代,另一場火災摧毀了大部分設施和運營,並轉移到特拉斯卡拉州。這導致Grupo Carso對廢墟進行城市轉換,將其變成現在的博物館遺址 – 於1994年正式成立。1996年,該博物館獲得了ICOMOS的遺產認可。博物館建築有四個不同的房間,每個房間都有一個特定的主題:歐洲和墨西哥景觀;羅丹時代;墨西哥日曆;臨時展覽。 2014年,在其成立19週年之際,它舉辦了歐洲風景展覽,展出了Pierre-Antoine Demachy,Klaes Molenaer和Joost Carhelisz的50件作品。其中24項是新收購。

Plaza Carso
In 2011 the main collection moved to a new 16,000-square-metre (170,000 sq ft) building, constructed in the north of the city in Plaza Carso.

Plaza Carso
2011年,主要藏品搬到了位於城市北部Plaza Carso的16,000平方米(170,000平方英尺)的新建築中。

The building is a 46-metre (151 ft) high six-story building covered by 16,000 hexagonal aluminum tiles. The aluminium used in the project was supplied by a company that is also owned by Carlos Slim. The new building was designed by the Mexican architect Fernando Romero, who is married to a daughter of Carlos Slim,engineered with Ove Arup and Frank Gehry. and cost $70 million to build. The museum has a narrow entrance that opens into a large white gallery. The top floor of the building is opened so that it is illuminated by sunlight during the daytime. In addition to the art galleries, the new building contains a library, restaurant, and a 350-seat auditorium.

Slim and Romero discussed the design of the building extensively, even going over details of the planned construction during family gatherings. Before being selected as project architect Romero had won several international architecture awards. Each of the six floors of the museum are distinctly shaped. The weight of the building is held by an exoskeleton of 28 vertical curved steel columns and seven beams encircling the structure built by a Slim-owned company that manufactures offshore oil rigs. In addition, the roof is kept stable through its suspension from a cantilever. The floors are made of high quality marble that was imported from Greece.

The new location of the Museo Soumaya was officially inaugurated on February 28, 2011 that culminated in a ceremonial ribbon cutting. Notable guests that participated in the ribbon cutting included Felipe Calderón, Gabriel García Márquez, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, and Larry King. The new building opened to the public on March 28, 2011. Admission to the museum is now free of charge and the operating costs are covered by Slim’s fortune, which was the world’s largest at the time the new location opened.

The museum is located in a large mixed-use development, Plaza Carso in Nuevo Polanco. This project was also built by Carlos Slim and features many of his companies, as well as a luxury hotel and several apartment buildings. The entire development cost almost $800 million to build.

該建築是一幢46米(151英尺)高的六層建築,由16,000個六角形鋁磚覆蓋。該項目使用的鋁由Carlos Slim所有的公司提供。新建築由墨西哥建築師Fernando Romero設計,他與Carlo Slim的女兒結婚,由Ove Arup和Frank Gehry設計。並且耗資7000萬美元建造。博物館有一個狹窄的入口,通向一個大型的白色畫廊。建築物的頂層是敞開的,白天可以被陽光照射。除了藝術畫廊,新建築還包括一個圖書館,餐廳和一個350個座位的禮堂。


Museo Soumaya博物館的新址於2011年2月28日正式落成,最終以禮儀剪彩為特色。參加剪彩的著名嘉賓包括FelipeCalderón,GabrielGarcíaMárquez,Evelyn Robert de Rothschild和Larry King。新大樓於2011年3月28日向公眾開放。博物館現在免費入場,運營成本由Slim的財產承擔,這是新地點開業時世界上最大的財富。

該博物館位於Nuevo Polanco的一個大型混合用途開發項目Plaza Carso。該項目也由Carlos Slim建造,包括他的許多公司,以及豪華酒店和幾棟公寓樓。整個開發成本將近8億美元。


FROM:Museo Soumaya | CDMX || HD

FROM:ArchDaily Experience: Museo Soumaya / FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise (EN)

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