Jungle Keva 叢林凱瓦

Architects: Jaquestudio
Location: Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Category: Hotels
Architect in Charge: Jesús Acosta
Design Team: Fernando Abogado, Everardo Castro, Víctor Rosete
Area: 428.0 m2
Project Year: 2018
Photographs: César Béjar
Manufacturers: Porcelanosa, David Pompa, Autodesk, Magg, Trimble, Haus, Cemix

地點:墨西哥Q.R. Tulum
設計團隊:Fernando Lawyer,Everardo Castro,VíctorRosete
製造商:Porcelanosa,David Pompa,Autodesk,Magg,Trimble,Haus,Cemix

Situated in Tulum, this small boutique hotel rises between the trees, in which the main concept consisted of preserving 70% of the existing vegetation in order to build around it. By achieving this, every space of the project is always in relation to its natural surroundings.

這家小型精品酒店位於圖盧姆(Tulum),坐落在樹木之間,其主要概念包括保留70%的現有植被以圍繞它建造。 通過實現這一目標,項目的每個空間始終與其自然環境相關。

The hotel has five 50m2 lodges, formed by a double height room, a mezzanine or “tapanco”, a terrace and an indoor-outdoor bathroom. At the back of the lot, the social areas are located, with a dining space and yoga pavilion hanging in cantilever over the pool. The main idea of this water element is to be extruded from the ground in between the vegetation. For this reason, two old zapote trees were preserved, which look as they were rising from the pool itself.

酒店擁有5間50平方米的小屋,由雙層高的房間,夾層樓或“tapanco”,露台和室內室外浴室組成。 在該地段的後面,社交區域設有一個用餐區和瑜伽館,懸掛在游泳池的懸臂上。 這種水元素的主要思想是在植被之間從地面擠出。 出於這個原因,保留了兩棵古老的zapote樹,看起來它們正從池中升起。

All the project is composed of local materials, as well as low maintenance and natural textures, which provide a warm atmosphere to the buildings. A particular finish found on the walls is “chukum”, a Mayan stucco characteristic of the region, which uses a tree resin to give its distinctive color, appearance, and durability.

所有項目均由當地材料,低維護和自然紋理組成,為建築物提供溫馨的氛圍。 在牆壁上發現的特殊飾面是“chukum”,這是該地區的瑪雅灰泥特徵,它使用樹脂賦予其獨特的顏色,外觀和耐久性。

The objective was to use materials that age with dignity so that with the passing of time the architecture acquires character and a deeper sense of belonging. The different volumes of the complex are scattered along the lot, between the trees and stone paths, which provide a sensation of being in a small village in the Mayan jungle.

目標是使用具有尊嚴的年齡的材料,以便隨著時間的推移,建築物獲得性格和更深刻的歸屬感。 這些建築群的不同體積分佈在樹木和石頭路徑之間,這讓人感覺身處瑪雅叢林的一個小村莊。


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