Hyatt Regency San Francisco, California 加利福尼亞州舊金山凱悅酒店

Hyatt Regency San Francisco is a hotel located at the foot of Market Street and The Embarcadero in the financial district of San Francisco, California. The hotel is a part of the Embarcadero Center development by Trammell Crow, David Rockefeller, and John Portman.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s architecture critic John King has described the 1973 building as a “temple of hermetic urbanism” in a “self-contained sci-fi” style that by 2016 had become “dated”, albeit remaining “still visually dazzling, in a futuristic sort of way.” The Regency Club Lounge was once the Equinox, a rooftop revolving restaurant, but is now a stationary elite club for certain hotel guests offering 360-degree views of the city and the bay. The atrium holds the Guinness world record (as of 2012) for the largest hotel lobby, with a length of 107 meters, width of 49 meters and height of 52 meters (15 stories).

舊金山凱悅酒店是一家位於加利福尼亞州舊金山金融區市場街和The Embarcadero腳下的酒店。 該酒店是Trammell Crow,David Rockefeller和John Portman的Embarcadero中心開發項目的一部分。

舊金山紀事報的建築評論家約翰·金(John King)將1973年的建築描述為“密封城市主義的殿堂”,其形式是“自足的科幻”風格,到2016年已成為“過時”,儘管仍然“在視覺上仍然令人眼花繚亂”。 未來派的方式。“ 攝政俱樂部休息室曾經是Equinox,一個屋頂旋轉餐廳,但現在是一個固定的精英俱樂部,為某些酒店客人提供360度的城市和海灣景觀。 中庭擁有吉尼斯世界紀錄(截至2012年)為最大的酒店大堂,長107米,寬49米,高52米(15層)。

General information
Location:United States
Address:Five Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, California
Coordinates: 37.79432°N 122.39584°WCoordinates: 37.79432°N 122.39584°W
Owner:Sunstone Hotel Investors
Management:Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Height:77 m (253 ft)
Technical details
Floor count:20
Floor area:863,400 sq ft (80,210 m2)
Design and construction
Architect:John Portman & Associates
Developer:Trammell Crow
David Rockefeller
John C. Portman, Jr.
Other information
Number of rooms:804
Number of suites:Balcony Suite
Embarcadero Suite
Number of restaurants:2

坐標:37.79432°N 122.39584°W坐標:37.79432°N 122.39584°W
所有者:Sunstone Hotel Investors
建築師:John Portman&Associates
開發者:Trammell Crow
John C. Portman,Jr。

The building was sold by its owner, Strategic Hotel Capital LLC, in January 2007 for close to US$200 million to Dune Capital Management and DiNapoli Capital Partners – roughly $250,000 for each of the hotel’s 802 rooms. In December 2013, the hotel was purchased by Aliso-Viejo, CA-based Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc., for $262M.

該建築由其所有者Strategic Hotel Capital LLC於2007年1月以近2億美元的價格出售給Dune Capital Management和DiNapoli Capital Partners–每間酒店的802間客房約為250,000美元。 2013年12月,該酒店由位於加利福尼亞州Aliso-Viejo的Sunstone Hotel Investors,Inc。以2.62億美元收購。

The Hyatt Regency’s atrium lobby served as the lobby of the Glass Tower in 1974’s The Towering Inferno. Replicas of John Portman’s trademark pill-shaped elevators were built for use in the film and are featured throughout, including in an extended sequence where one is lifted from the stricken tower by helicopter. The hotel was also featured in the 1977 Mel Brooks Comedy High Anxiety, the film Telefon from 1977, and in Time After Time, a tale of H.G. Wells chasing Jack The Ripper into the future of 1979.

As well as being a setting for numerous films, the lobby is itself inspired by a film. Architect John Portman has stated that its design was suggested to him by viewing the 1935 science fiction film Things to Come.

Hyatt Regency酒店的中庭大堂是1974年The Towering Inferno玻璃塔的大堂。 約翰波特曼的標誌性藥丸形電梯的複製品是為了在電影中使用而製造的,並且在整個過程中都有特色,包括通過直升機將其從被撞塔上抬起的延伸序列。 這家酒店還出現在1977年梅爾布魯克斯喜劇高焦慮,1977年的電影“電訊”和“時光倒流”中,這是一部關於1979年將傑克開膛手追逐開膛手的故事。

除了作為眾多電影的場景,大堂本身也受到電影的啟發。 建築師約翰波特曼表示,通過觀看1935年的科幻電影“未來之旅”,向他建議了它的設計。


FROM:Room with a View at Hyatt Regency San Francisco

FROM:Hyatt Regency San Francisco on the Embarcadero Waterfront

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