Recently, the Beijing Satellite TV News Channel reported relevant information about Beijing Global Resort and revealed many contents:
1.The first phase of construction entered the sprint phase and is expected to open in 2021.
2.Comcast NBC Universal uses the Eastern Hemisphere logo for the first time.
3.Beijing Global Resort Area Master Plan


According to An Continental (US), deputy general manager of Beijing International Resorts Co., Ltd., “I am very pleased to be able to build a global theme park in Beijing. We are also very confident that this theme park will bring amazing results, not only to Tongzhou, It will have a profound impact on Beijing and China, and we will build it into a green, environmentally friendly and extraordinary theme park.”


In the news, the general plan of the Beijing Global Resort is also disclosed. The location of each item is clearly marked in the schematic.

In order to see more clearly, Xiaobian has re-labeled.



After opening the park in 2021, the Universal Studios Station is a city avenue integrating cinema, catering, retail and integration. There is a water park next to the avenue.

Around the Universal Studios station, there is an oversized parking lot, as well as many hotels such as Nuojin Resort Hotel and Global Hotel.



Through the fascinating water system and the Universal Hotel, you will enter the theme park. Hollywood, Little Yellow, Transformers, Jurassic, Harry Potter, Kung Fu Panda, Water World, etc. will make you look forward to the sky~

According to internal staff broke the news, after the opening of Universal Studios, you must first take the ride of Jurassic, which is the only one in the world, starting in two hours, others in other countries.

The theme park can be seen in the map. It will be revealed that a “themed park with Chinese culture IP as the core” will be built in this area. I look forward to the early completion of this!

In addition, the news also revealed the division of the entire Tongzhou cultural tourism zone.





It is divided into five sections:
Beijing Global Theme Park and Resort

Cultural tourism fusion area

International exchange area

Tourism Technology Innovation Zone

Cultural innovation zone






Looking at the magnificent sand table of the future, the future will be the world’s attention!

According to previous reports, the cultural tourism zone is located in the south of the city’s sub-center. It is one of the four leading functional sections of the city’s sub-center administrative office, business services, cultural tourism and technological innovation. In the future, the Beijing Global Theme Park and Resort Project will bring together a large number of international outstanding talents for the city’s sub-centers, which will bring favorable opportunities for the construction of international talent communities and also be highly compatible with the industrial layout of cultural tourism areas.



In addition, the cultural tourism zone combines the surrounding Taihu Performing Arts Town, Design Capital, Urban Green Heart, Zhangwan Ancient Town New Platform and other projects to highlight cultural elements in the process of building international talent communities, reflecting the construction characteristics different from other pilot areas. To comprehensively enhance the environmental level of Tongzhou District to attract and gather international talents, and form a coordinated development of international talent innovation and entrepreneurship and livable and suitable industry.


According to the plan, the south end of the eight-way line and the east extension of the No. 7 line will be undergoing a new trial operation.




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