Custom-designed windows, made by Reynaers Aluminium, wrap the facades of this pair of twisting towers designed by Alexander Mezhevidze, which are the tallest buildings in Tbilisi.

Located in the capital of Georgia’s Vake district, the two 37-storey Axis Towers are identical in form, with one clad in white stone and the other with black glass.

The white tower contains apartments, while a hotel, offices and fitness facilities are in the glazed tower, which is topped by a bar.

由Reynaers Aluminium製造的定制設計的窗戶包裹著由Alexander Mezhevidze設計的這對扭曲塔樓的外牆,這是第比利斯最高的建築物。

兩座37層高的Axis Towers位於佐治亞州首府Vake區,形狀相同,一層採用白色石材,另一層採用黑色玻璃。


The towers’ spiralling forms and expansive glass facades, made by manufacturer Reynaers Aluminium, have been designed to resist seismic activity and high winds that are experienced in the Georgian capital.

The complex’s developer Axis collaborated with the glazing manufacture to create a tailor-made window system that would work with the building’s structure and these conditions.

Reynaers Aluminium developed a bespoke arrangement of double-glazed windows and aluminium profiles to meet the structural requirements, while also giving the buildings plenty of light, reducing noise and creating a suitable luxury aesthetic.

製造商Reynaers Aluminium製造的塔樓螺旋形狀和寬大的玻璃幕牆設計用於抵抗格魯吉亞首都經歷的地震活動和大風。


Reynaers Aluminum開發了雙層玻璃窗和鋁型材的定制佈置,以滿足結構要求,同時還為建築物提供充足的光線,降低噪音並創造合適的奢華美感。

“The Reynaers Aluminium systems that were used in the Axis Towers project were chosen by the customer because they met the reliability requirements, ergonomics and the overall appearance of the building,” said Reynaers Aluminium’s Tengiz Kvantaliani.

“This is the largest project for Reynaers Aluminium in Georgia today, and its successful implementation will have a positive impact on the company’s image in the country in the face of fierce competition. It is safe to say that the Axis Towers will become the hallmark of Tbilisi,” concluded Kvantaliani.

“在Axis Towers項目中使用的Reynaers鋁系統是由客戶選擇的,因為它們符合可靠性要求,人體工程學和建築物的整體外觀,”Reynaers Aluminum的Tengiz Kvantaliani說。

“這是今天格魯吉亞Reynaers鋁業公司最大的項目,它的成功實施將對該公司在激烈的競爭中的形象產生積極影響。可以肯定地說,Axis Towers將成為其中的標誌。 第比利斯,“Kvantaliani總結道。

Axis Towers make use of several of Reynaers Aluminium standard systems applied at once, as well as several new, original solutions. The entire ground floor is glazed using the CW 50-SC system, which offers “unlimited creative freedom and maximum entrance of light”.

Above, Axis Towers are wrapped in the standard CW 50 aluminium curtain walling, into which the CP 155-LS – a insulating slide and lift-slide system – is built. The CW 50 facade system with embedded CW insert structural doors was also employed, alongside the Reynaers Aluminium sliding systems CP 155-LS, CP 68, and window-door system CS 77.

Axis Towers同時使用了幾種Reynaers鋁標準系統,以及幾種新的原始解決方案。 整個底層採用CW 50-SC系統上釉,提供“無限的創作自由和最大的光線入口”。

上圖中,Axis Towers採用標準的CW 50鋁幕牆包裹,CP 155-LS(絕緣滑軌和升降滑動系統)也在其中。 除了Reynaers鋁製滑動系統CP 155-LS,CP 68和門窗系統CS 77之外,還採用了帶有嵌入式CW插入結構門的CW 50立面系統。

Founded in 1965 in Duffel, Belgium, Reynaers Aluminium is specialist in developing sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories.

Alongside Axis Towers, it has developed tailor-made glazing solutions for several buildings across the commercial, residential, leisure and healthcare sectors.

Reynaers Aluminum於1965年在比利時Duffel成立,專門為窗戶,門,幕牆,滑動系統,防曬和溫室開發可持續鋁解決方案。

除了Axis Towers外,它還為商業,住宅,休閒和醫療保健領域的多棟建築開發了量身定制的玻璃解決方案。



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