Shanghai Disneyland will get a new expansion with a big Marvel Land! I’m not the one saying it, Bob Iger did. To be perfectly honest, although Bob Iger did not announced it specifically during Disney’s quarterly earnings call but said this:
“Marvel has gotten extremely popular in China, and I think [Avengers: Endgame] has already done somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 million at the box office in China. So the idea of bringing the Marvel television shows to China as part of a direct-to-consumer platform … is something that we’re very, very interested in. As it relates specifically to [our park in] Shanghai, we think we have a huge opportunity for Marvel there. That’s a hint to our parks and resorts group.” And Iger added that WDI imagineers “…should be hard at work already designing and developing some Marvel presence in Shanghaî”. Last but not least, as the conference call was ending he added: “…in China, we don’t have any restrictions. So I imagine we’re, at some point, going to get very ambitious about what we do with Marvel at Shanghai Disneyland.” Couldn’t be more clear, right?

Building a Marvel land at SDL is almost a no-surprise as Marvel super heroes movies are very popular and make a lot of money in China, but even if a Marvel land won’t open before years in Shanghaî, the first question to answer is: where in the park will they build it? A look at the land available thanks to Google Earth quickly reveal that there is not a lot of choice, specially if Disney wants to build a big Marvel land at Shanghaî Disneyland.

There is some land available near Adventure Isle but it was rumored that they keep it for a Pandora land, probably waiting to see if the new Avatar movies will be highly successful when they will be released in China. But that land is probably not big enough and anyway the transition from Adventure Isle to a Marvel land would not be the best.

The best place would be in front or near Tomorrowland but they won’t build a Marvel land in the front or on the right because they don’t have enough room and they won’t build it right on the left either because they did the big mistake to build Toy Story Land there. I say “big mistake” because obviously the transition from a Tomorowland to a Marvel land would be more natural than a transition from Tomorrowland then to a Toy Story land then to a Marvel land. But nowthat a direct transition from Tomorowland to a Marvel land is not possible anymore we’ll have to do with Toy Story land in between.

As you can see on the screen capture below ( click to enlarge the picture ) the best place, by far, to build a Marvel land at Shanghaî Disneyland is on the big land available in the back of the park, behind Toy Story land, Fantasyland and Treasure Cove.

上海迪士尼樂園將以漫威的大地進行新的擴張!我不是那個說的人,鮑勃艾格爾。老實說,雖然Bob Iger沒有在迪士尼的季度收益電話會議中特別宣布,但是這樣說:
“漫威在中國非常受歡迎,我認為[復仇者聯盟:殘局]已經在中國票房的6億美元附近做了一些事情。所以將漫威電視節目帶到中國的想法是直接的一部分對消費者平台……我們非常非常感興趣。因為它與上海的[我們的公園]有關,我們認為我們在那裡有很大的機會。這對我們的公園和度假村集團。“ Iger補充說,WDI的想像者“……應該努力工作,已經在上海設計和開發了一些Marvel的存在。”最後但並非最不重要的是,隨著電話會議結束,他補充說:“……在中國,我們沒有任何限制。所以我想我們在某種程度上會對Marvel在上海迪士尼樂園的表現抱有很大的抱負。“不能更清楚,對嗎?





A zoom in the image allows to see better the land available and the polygon i did using Google Earth tells us that this land is as big as 102.326 square meters! No need to say that they have more room than needed to build a Marvel land there, even the big one that Bob Iger seems to envision.

放大圖像可以更好地看到可用的土地,而我使用Google Earth做的多邊形告訴我們這片土地面積大到102.326平方米! 沒必要說他們有足夠的空間在那裡建造一個漫威的土地,甚至是鮑勃艾格爾想像的那個巨大的土地。

Yes, but, wait, wasn’t it there that SDL Imagineers envisioned to build an Expedition Everest as some blueprints revealed?

是的,但是,等等,是不是SDL Imagineers設想建造遠征珠穆朗瑪峰,因為有些藍圖顯示出來了?

That’s righ,t but i was never convinced that Disney would build Expedition Everest at Shanghaî Disneyland. Why? because of sensitive political reasons. When you say “Everest” it also means “Tibet” ( Mount Everest has one side in Tibet ) and although the Chinese are saying that Tibet is a province of China since centuries the question is much more complicated than the official statement so building an Expedition Everest at SDL might be a bit risky. I know we’re talking only about an attraction, but the question of symbolism in China is important, so…

Anyway, this Expedition Everest was supposed to be build behind Treasure Cove and if – and that’s a big “IF” Disney decide to build it anyway, they might have enough room to build both a big Marvel land and Expedition Everest. Although i don’t put my bets on Everest, i put them on a Marvel Land , specifically using the left part of the land as shown in the above polygon, and time will say if i was right or not!

這是正確的,但我從未相信迪斯尼會在上海迪士尼樂園建造遠征珠穆朗瑪峰。 為什麼? 因為敏感的政治原因。 當你說“珠穆朗瑪峰”時,它也意味著“西藏”(珠穆朗瑪峰在西藏有一面)雖然中國人說幾個世紀以來西藏是中國的一個省,但這個問題遠比官方聲明復雜得多,所以建立遠征 SDL的珠穆朗瑪峰可能有點風險。 我知道我們只談論一個景點,但中國的象徵主義問題很重要,所以……

無論如何,這次Expedition Everest應該是在Treasure Cove背後建造的,如果 – 並且這是一個很大的“IF”迪士尼決定建造它,他們可能有足夠的空間來建造一個大的Marvel土地和Expedition Everest。 雖然我沒有把我的賭注押在珠穆朗瑪峰上,但是我將它們放在漫威的土地上,特別是使用上面多邊形所示的土地的左側部分,時間會說我是否正確!



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