The Plaza Tirana 地拉那廣場

The Plaza Tirana is a luxury hotel in Tirana, Albania. It is located on 28 Nëntori Street, near the Skanderbeg Square.

At 85 metres (279 ft) tall, it consists of 24 floors.The design comes from Belgian architectural firm 51N4E, and construction started on 14 January 2007.

Plaza Tirana酒店是一家位於阿爾巴尼亞地拉那的豪華酒店。 它位於Nëntori街28號,靠近斯坎德培廣場。


General information
Type:work and living
Location:Tirana, Albania
Coordinates:41°19′39″N 19°49′18″ECoordinates: 41°19′39″N 19°49′18″E
Construction started:2009
Top floor:85 m (278.9 ft)
Technical details
Floor count:24 (equivalent)

坐標:41°19’39“N 19°49’18”ECoordinates:41°19’39“N 19°49’18”E

Hotel Plaza Tirana is located in the centre of the capital of Albania, only 200 m from the main Skenderberg square. Soon after opening, the new 5-star hotel became one of the most visited hotels in Albania, which enjoys the added value of doors with built-in Knauf Insulation DRS SOUND SUPREME BOARD sound-insulation boards. The entire 10th floor of the 23-storey hotel is equipped with these high-end doors.

Hotel Plaza Tirana酒店位於阿爾巴尼亞首都的中心,距離主要的Skenderberg廣場僅有200米。 開業後不久,這家新的五星級酒店成為阿爾巴尼亞最受歡迎的酒店之一,擁有內置可耐福絕緣DRS SOUND SUPREME BOARD隔音板的門。 這座23層高的酒店的整個10樓都配有這些高端門。

Sulejman Pashë Bargjini, a local feudal lord constructed the first building in 1614. He built a mosque, a hamam, and a stove, which at the time were the main institutions of a newborn city, today in the place where the monument to The Unknown Soldier stands. In 1816, the Toptani family came to rule the city. The most important date in Tirana’s history is February 11th, 1920, when the Lushnja Congress declared Tirana the provisional capital of Albania; definitive status would be given in 1925. Following this act, the city has experienced constant growth, which continues today and has gained particular momentum since 1990.

Famous Italian architects made the center of Tirana their project during the early parts of the 20th century. The main boulevard in Tirana, Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit, was built in 1930, while the central square, Skanderbeg Square, was built between 1928 and 1929. In 1968, on the 500th anniversary of his death, national hero Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg had a monument inaugurated in Skanderbeg Square. Twenty years afterward, in the square was added the monument of the dictator Enver Hoxha. Shortly after on the 20 February 1991 the students and the people removed the monument from the square. In Tirana, you can visit a network of museums and galleries such as the National History Museum, the Archeology Museum, the National Art Gallery, and many more, including numerous private galleries.

當地封建領主SulejmanPashëBargjini於1614年建造了第一座建築。他建造了一座清真寺,一座土耳其浴室和一個爐灶,當時它是新生城市的主要機構,今天在未知的紀念碑的地方士兵站。 1816年,Toptani家族來統治這座城市。地拉那歷史上最重要的日期是1920年2月11日,當時Lushnja大會宣布地拉那是阿爾巴尼亞的臨時首都;確定的地位將在1925年給出。在此行為之後,該市經歷了持續增長,這種增長在今天仍在繼續,並且自1990年以來一直呈現出特別的勢頭。

著名的意大利建築師在20世紀早期將地拉那的中心作為他們的項目。地拉那的主要大道BulevardiDëshmorëteKombit建於1930年,而中央廣場斯坎德培廣場建於1928年至1929年之間。1968年,在他去世500週年之際,民族英雄Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg有一座紀念碑在斯坎德培廣場開幕。二十年後,在廣場上增加了獨裁者恩維爾·霍查的紀念碑。 1991年2月20日不久,學生和人民從廣場上取下了紀念碑。在地拉那,您可以參觀博物館和畫廊網絡,如國家歷史博物館,考古博物館,國家美術館等等,包括眾多私人畫廊。


FROM:The Plaza, Tirana, Albania [Drone video | 4K Ultra HD]

FROM:Pamje Nga Tirana, Hotel Plaza

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