The Museum of Contemporary Art,Australia 澳大利亞當代藝術博物館

Located on one of the world’s most spectacular sites on the edge of Sydney Harbour, the MCA stands on a land of immense cultural and historical significance to the traditional owners of this place, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation.

MCA位於悉尼港邊緣世界上最壯觀的景點之一,矗立在這個地方的傳統業主,Eora Nation的Gadigal人的巨大文化和歷史意義的土地上。

The MCA Collection contains over 4000 works by Australian artists that have been acquired since 1989. The Museum collects across all art forms with strong holdings in painting, photography, sculpture, works on paper and moving image, as well as significant representation of works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

MCA Collection收藏了自1989年以來收購的澳大利亞藝術家的4000多件作品。博物館收集了所有藝術形式,包括繪畫,攝影,雕塑,紙上作品和動態圖像,以及土著作品的重要代表性。 和托雷斯海峽島民藝術家。

Government architect WH Withers began work on the plans in 1939 but the project was stopped due to wartime labour and materials shortages. Work finally resumed in 1944 under government architect W D H Baxter and builders were appointed in 1946 but the project experienced more delays. The foundation stone was laid in 1949 and in 1952 the imposing six-storey housing the offices of the Maritime Services Board opened.

政府建築師WH Withers於1939年開始製定計劃,但該項目由於戰時勞動力和材料短缺而停止。 1944年,政府建築師W D H Baxter完成了工作,建築工人於1946年任命,但項目經歷了更多延誤。 該基石於1949年奠基,1952年,海事服務委員會辦公室開放了六層高的住房。

A major $53 million redevelopment of the MCA by Sydney architect Sam Marshall in association with the New South Wales Government Architect’s Office commenced in August 2010.

The refurbished building, which opened on 29 March 2012, increased the MCA’s total size by almost 50% with the addition of 4500 square metres, including a new 5-storey wing. The cutting-edge architecture of the new wing complements the existing building, while the use of new technologies sets a new standard for collaboration with audiences through a robust wi-fi service and unique digital infrastructure.

The MCA redevelopment was made possible by public and private sector support. The Federal Government and the NSW State Government each contributed $13 million. The MCA’s Chairman, Simon Mordant and his wife Catriona, contributed $15 million, in recognition of which the extension has been named the Mordant Wing. The City of Sydney added $1 million, with the remainder contributed by individual donors and one company.

悉尼建築師Sam Marshall與新南威爾士州政府建築師事務所聯合開展的一項重大的5300萬美元的MCA重建工作於2010年8月開始。


公共和私營部門的支持使MCA重建成為可能。聯邦政府和新南威爾士州政府各自捐助了1300萬美元。 MCA的主席Simon Mordant和他的妻子Catriona貢獻了1500萬美元,以表示延期已被命名為Mordant Wing。悉尼市增加了100萬美元,其餘由個人捐助者和一家公司提供。


FROM:Museum of Contemporary Art – Sydney

FROM:Pipilotti Rist: Sip my Ocean / Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney

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