Church of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe 瓜達盧佩聖母教堂

The picuda Our Lady of Guadalupe, is also known as the church of the Mexicans. It is located in front of the Berlin Park.


It was Felix Candela, born in Madrid in 1910, the creator of the work, he dared to mix concrete with beauty with a good result. The engineer lived in Mexico, a country where he was exiled when the Spanish Civil War broke out.

1910年出生於馬德里的菲利克斯·坎德拉(Felix Candela)是這項工作的創造者,他敢於將混凝土與美麗混合在一起,取得了良好的效果。這位工程師住在墨西哥,這個國家在西班牙內戰爆發時被流放。

Those undulating forms that characterize its buildings, such as the Church of the Miraculous in Mexico or L’Oceanogràfic in Valencia arrived in Madrid in 1962. In 1965 the construction of the church was completed. The Mexican architect Enrique de la Mora, the engineer José Antonio Torroja (son of Eduardo Torroja, of whom Candela was a disciple) and the Spanish architect José Ramón Azpiazu also collaborated in the work.

那些以其建築為特徵的起伏形式,如墨西哥的神奇教堂或瓦倫西亞的L’Oceanogràfic於1962年抵達馬德里。1965年,教堂的建造工作完成。墨西哥建築師Enrique de la Mora,工程師JoséAntonioTorroja(Eduardo Torroja的兒子,Candela是他的門徒)和西班牙建築師JoséRamónAzpiazu也合作完成了這項工作。

For Candela, Mexico was the ideal place to build the structures that would make it famous, the so-called “concrete shells”. Lightweight concrete roofs that roofed buildings economically and efficiently as they stand up for their own shape and do not need large pillars. Its hyperbolic paraboloid is the solution that allows a round and diaphanous temple (supported only by four thin pillars). The huge space, is still modern today. Paraboloids never come together at the tip of the hat, only joined with a thin stained glass window, those same stained glass windows that serve to illuminate the church and give it a mystical, very special air.

對於坎德拉來說,墨西哥是建造使其成名的結構的理想場所,即所謂的“混凝土外殼”。輕質混凝土屋頂,經濟高效地覆蓋建築物,因為它們能夠自立並且不需要大柱子。它的雙曲拋物面是一個允許圓形和透明的寺廟(僅由四個薄柱支撐)的解決方案。巨大的空間,至今仍然是現代的。 Paraboloids永遠不會在帽子的尖端聚集在一起,只與一個薄薄的玻璃窗相連,那些相同的彩色玻璃窗可以照亮教堂並給它一種神秘的,非常特殊的空氣。

It seems that Candela built it thinking in the Tent of the Encounter of the biblical story. In the Old Testament it is related that, after being liberated from Egypt, the Israelites lived 40 years in the desert. They formed a tent camp and fed on the manna that fell from heaven, the food sent by God. Moses chose a tent and planted it some distance from the camp. He called it the Tent of the Meeting with God, the inspiration for our church.



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