FROM:[2010] AD Interviews OFIS Arhitekti

OFIS has produced a high amount of buildings in the last years, with very good examples in housing: Izola Social Housing, Shopping Roof Apartments, Tetris Apartments, Lace Apartments, Student apartment studios and the Backbone Village Houses.

OFIS在過去幾年中已經生產了大量的建築物,在住房方面有很好的例子:Izola社會住房,購物屋頂公寓,俄羅斯方塊公寓,花邊公寓,學生公寓工作室和Backbone Village Houses。

But the firm has also being involved in retail (Mercator), religious architecture (Farewell Chapel), and some houses such as the Alpine Hut and Villa Old Oaks (full list of OFIS projects previously featured at ArchDaily). Clearly, dealing with different types of clients (individuals, state, real state) is not a problem for this young office.

但該公司還參與了零售(墨卡托),宗教建築(告別禮拜堂)以及一些房屋,如Alpine Hut和Villa Old Oaks(之前在ArchDaily上展示的OFIS項目的完整列表)。 顯然,處理不同類型的客戶(個人,州,真實州)對於這個年輕的辦公室來說不是問題。




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