Laborer 勞動者

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Mike Wsol for the debut of his latest sculpture commission “Laborer” at the Atlanta Beltline. Located near Ponce De Leon, the figurative sculpture stands 9 feet tall at its head and 15 feet tall including its load of boxes, and is made of rigid facets of welded metal, and painted the colors of work clothes. The commanding figure is positioned in a hunched, yet strong, frozen march stance, carrying an enormous hold of boxes that’s pierced with thousands of small holes.

恭喜助理教授Mike Wsol在亞特蘭大Beltline首次亮相他最新的雕塑委員會“Laborer”。 位於龐塞德萊昂附近,比喻雕塑的頭部高9英尺,高15英尺,包括裝載的箱子,由焊接金屬的剛性刻面製成,並塗上工作服的顏色。 這個強大的人物定位在一個彎曲的,強壯的,冰凍的行軍姿態,攜帶著巨大的箱子,上面插著數千個小洞。

Artist:Mike Wsol
Eastside Trail north of Ponce de Leon Avenue

藝術家:Mike Wsol

As with a number of Wsol’s artwork, his sculptures are activated by physical engagement. The Laborer design invites the public to climb into the hallow interior boxes, where they realize the box’s pierced holes (set against a flat black background) represent a star chart of the northern and southern hemispheres. The sunlight illuminates all of the holes creating a sensation of being in space among the stars.

與許多Wsol的作品一樣,他的雕塑也是通過身體接觸激活的。 勞動者設計邀請公眾進入神聖的內部盒子,他們意識到盒子的穿孔(設置在平坦的黑色背景下)代表了北半球和南半球的星圖。 陽光照亮了所有的洞,營造出星星間空間的感覺。

“This sculpture is of a worker in the act of a difficult task,” stated Wsol. “I hope it also provides the viewer a place to think about how humble tasks support larger ideas with seemingly infinite potential.”

“這個雕塑是一個艱鉅任務的工人,”Wsol說。 “我希望它也為觀眾提供了一個思考如何通過看似無限潛力支持更大創意的謙遜任務的地方。”

Laborer is part of the “Art on the Atlanta Beltline” initiative — Atlanta’s largest temporary public art exhibition and a testament to the Atlanta BeltLine as a living, breathing entity that is more than just trees, trails, and rails. Showcasing the work of hundreds of visual artists, performers, and musicians along the Atlanta BeltLine corridor, the exhibition is a powerful conduit for everyone in the Atlanta region to gather, connect, and experience something vibrant and dynamic.

勞動者是“亞特蘭大腰帶藝術”倡議的一部分 – 亞特蘭大最大的臨時公共藝術展覽,並證明亞特蘭大BeltLine是一個生機勃勃的實體,不僅僅是樹木,小徑和鐵軌。 該展覽展示了亞特蘭大BeltLine走廊沿線數百名視覺藝術家,表演者和音樂家的作品,為亞特蘭大地區的每個人提供了一個強大的渠道,可以收集,連接和體驗充滿活力和活力的東西。



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