City Dreamers 城市夢想家

In a big and fast city like Atlanta, the City Dreamers spot is a serene and happy place to be to view the city from another window. Being in the cube gives a feeling of isolation from the rest and slows the perception of the city down to enjoy and appreciate what is there. Nobody has to do much more. Just be there to view, to think, to sit and relax.

在像亞特蘭大這樣一個快速發展的大城市裡,City Dreamers酒店是一個寧靜而幸福的地方,可以從另一個窗口欣賞這座城市。在立方體中給人一種與其他人隔離的感覺,並減緩城市的感知,以享受和欣賞那裡的東西。沒有人必須做更多。只是在那裡觀察,思考,坐下來放鬆。

Title:City Dreamers
Artist:Tenay Gonul and Julian Quinn

藝術家:Tenay Gonul和Julian Quinn

The picture window on a plain black plane limits the rest of the scene by focusing a frame of view in one’s mind. This black plane is actually chalkboard where users can express themselves about what they see, feel or want to share. It creates an interactive message board to share experiences with strangers and friends.

The colorful pieces of plexiglass in rotation with the rest of the structure symbolizes a twist in linear thinking. The combination of colors and rotation implies alternate modes of thought and living as a possibility.

City Dreamers is an artistic place seeking to render a colorful view point for the city, a unique piece of urban furniture, a shaded place to rest, a place to share an idea, a point of interest along the Beltline, a place to go and an added reason to move along the Beltine.



City Dreamers是一個藝術場所,旨在為城市渲染一個色彩繽紛的觀景點,一個獨特的城市家具,一個陰涼的休息場所,一個分享想法的地方,沿著Beltline的一個感興趣的地方,一個去的地方和沿著Beltine行進的另一個原因。

Tenay is working with Copper Carry as an architectural designer. She’s from Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from North Carolina State University with Masters of Architecture degree. Prior to that, she obtained her BS in Urban Planning from Istanbul Technical University and BS in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano. Tenay has a great passion for place making that the public can use and interact with.

Julian Quinn is a Principal at Pattern r+d, a leading high performance
building design and architecture firm. Prior to this he worked four years in the Jacobs Engineering Atlanta office in the Advanced Planning Group. He is a graduate from Southern Polytechnic State University with Bachelor of Architecture. Julian believes that architecture and urban design is the creation of an experience that can be understood on an intuitive level and without meeting this fundamental criteria any argument for design becomes meaningless.

Tenay正在與Copper Carry合作,擔任建築設計師。她來自土耳其伊斯坦布爾。她畢業於北卡羅來納州立大學,獲得建築學碩士學位。在此之前,她在伊斯坦布爾技術大學獲得城市規劃學士學位,在米蘭理工大學獲得建築學學士學位。 Tenay對於公眾可以使用和互動的場所非常熱情。

Julian Quinn是Pattern r + d的首席執行官,領先的高績效


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