Himalayas Center 喜馬拉雅山中心

Located in the centre of Pudong, near Century Park and across from Shanghai New International Expo Center, the Himalayas Center is an urban landmark and it is designed to be a multi-functional cultural complex.


Location: Shanghai, China
Architect: Arata Isozaki
Site: 29,000 m2
Area: 150,000 m2
Cost: RMB 2.4 billion
Year: 2010


The project, which the developer Zendai Group touts as an ‘Archisculptural Masterpiece for 21st century China’. For the Himalayas Center, Japanese architect Arata Isozaki created soft curves of an “organic forest” contained within the hard, symmetrical lines of “crystalline cubes”.

該項目由開發商證大集團宣傳為“21世紀中國的建築傑作”。 對於喜馬拉雅山中心,日本建築師磯崎新(Arata Isozaki)創造了“有機森林”的柔和曲線,包含在“水晶立方體”的堅硬對稱線條中。

In the “forest” section, large expanses of irregularly-shaped holes are carved out of the walls, the walls are unevenly structured, thereby creating a sense of freedom in movement around the area.


The “organic forest” of the facade are reminiscent of the red mountains in Mustang, Nepal, on the border with Tibet. These were the secret hideaways for hermitages or monasteries, as they were also conducive to spirituality. In reality, Pudong is a buzzing district in the Chinese city of Shanghai.

立面的“有機森林”讓人想起尼泊爾野馬與西藏交界處的紅色山脈。 這些是隱士或修道院的秘密隱藏處,因為它們也有利於靈性。 實際上,浦東是中國上海的一個熱鬧地區。

Volumes at both ends of the Himalayas Center are wrapped in intricately designed Chinese lattice panels. The architect explains that the pattern ‘is inspired by an object of Liangzhu jade, which gives it a cultural and natural connotation’. Some observers interpret the motifs carved on the uniform grids of these facades as pseudo Chinese characters.

喜馬拉雅山中心兩端的體積包裹在錯綜複雜的中國格子板中。 建築師解釋說,這種圖案“的靈感來自良渚玉器,賦予它文化和自然的內涵”。 一些觀察家將雕刻在這些立面的均勻網格上的圖案解釋為偽漢字。

The Himalayas Center is an amalgam of the Venu Himalayas Hotel Shanghai, the Himalayas Art Museum, the DaGuan Theatre and Shopping Centre, providing a one-stop art, exhibition, shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure venues.


The hotel tower which contains two hotels — Zendai Hotel Yin and Zendai Art Hotel — is a noteworthy aspect of the complex. Both hotels were designed by London-based interior designer Khuan Chew, whose credits include Dubai’s landmark hotel Burj Al Arab and Sofitel London Heathrow.

酒店大樓包含兩家酒店 – 證大酒店和證大藝術酒店 – 是該綜合體的一個值得注意的方面。 這兩家酒店均由倫敦室內設計師Khuan Chew設計,其設施包括迪拜的標誌性酒店Burj Al Arab和Sofitel London Heathrow。

Zendai Hotel Yin was conceptualised as a boutique-style ‘city retreat’ while the five-star Zendai Art Hotel will feature over 300 rooms. Zendai Hotel Yin, which will occupy the top four floors of the hotel tower, according to traditional Chinese fengshui and Luban.

Zendai Hotel Yin被概念化為精品風格的“城市休閒勝地”,而五星級的證大藝術酒店將擁有300多間客房。 根據中國傳統的風水和魯班,證大酒店將佔據酒店大樓的四層樓。

The hotel’s highlight will be a traditional Chinese teahouse done with a modern twist. Not only will it feature daily performances, it will also provide books on Chinese history and culture. Zendai Art Hotel will be a business hotel and occupy the first 14 floors of the tower.

酒店的亮點將是傳統的中國茶館,現代風格。 它不僅提供日常表演,還提供有關中國歷史和文化的書籍。 證大藝術酒店將成為商務酒店,佔據塔樓的前14層。

DaGuan Theatre is a multipurpose space with state-of-the-art digital multimedia facilities. It is designed to host a variety of events, from Las Vegas spectacles to concerts, awards ceremonies, AV presentations, promotional events, and banquets. The theatre is the only official venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Shanghai Film Festival.

大觀劇院是一個多功能空間,擁有最先進的數字多媒體設施。 它旨在舉辦各種活動,從拉斯維加斯的眼鏡到音樂會,頒獎典禮,AV演示,促銷活動和宴會。 劇院是上海電影節開幕式和閉幕式的唯一官方場地。


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