Shanghai Symphony Hall 上海交響樂大廳

The world-class concert hall will be the new home to the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. It consists of a 1,200-seat main concert hall, a 400-seat chamber and recording facility, and an entrance hall with the foyer spaces interconnecting the three halls in a 4-storey basement.

Arup provided lighting consultancy services for all the public areas, interior and exterior as well as the façade lighting.

世界級的音樂廳將成為上海交響樂團的新家。 它包括一個擁有1,200個座位的主音樂廳,一個擁有400個座位的音樂廳和錄音設施,以及一個帶有門廳空間的入口大廳,將這三個大廳連接在一個4層高的地下室中。


Location:Shanghai, China
Country/Region:Greater China
Client:Arata Isozaki &Associates Co Ltd
Industries:Arts and Culture
Services:Lighting design

客戶:Arata Isozaki&Associates Co Ltd

The main concert hall adopts the acoustic timber panels for ceiling and walls ‘floating’ in front of the three-dimensionally curved outer skin. All the luminaires for the architectural lighting as well as stage lighting are integrated within the acoustic panels to avoid the visual clutter in space. To support the architects and their design goals, we have conducted extensive lighting analysis for two lighting scenarios accommodating different settings for performances. The simulations with advanced software packages ensure sufficient illumination of the space, while fulfilling the tight restrictions on the luminaire mounting position for acoustic design.

主音樂廳採用聲學木板,用於天花板和牆壁“漂浮”在三維彎曲的外皮前面。 所有用於建築照明和舞台照明的燈具都集成在隔音板內,以避免空間中的視覺混亂。 為了支持建築師及其設計目標,我們針對兩種照明場景進行了廣泛的照明分析,以適應不同的演出設置。 採用先進軟件包的模擬確保了足夠的空間照明,同時實現了對聲學設計的燈具安裝位置的嚴格限制。


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