Koi Café

Architects: Farming Architects
Location: 646 Đường Láng, Láng Thượng, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Category: Coffee Shop
Architects: in Charge An Viet Dung; An Thanh Nhan; Pham Ngoc Linh; Andrea Scalco
Area: 88.0 m2
Project Year: 2017 Photographs Nguyen Thai Thach
Manufacturers: Bat trang Ceramic Company, Vietnam, Ningbo Addlux Electric

地點:646 Duong Lang,Lang Thuong,Dong Da,河內,越南
建築師:負責越南; An Thanh Nhan; Pham Ngoc Linh; 安德莉亞斯卡爾科
項目年份:2017年攝影Nguyen Thai Thach
製造商:陶瓷公司,越南,寧波Addlux Electric

The aim of the construction is a café space combined with KOI aquarium, a kind of fish known as the Japanese national fish. The construction is based on a three storey house with a front yard having a total area of 88m2 (5.5m x 16m), with the requirement of designing steel structure easy to install and remove. In addition, the entire interior from the ceiling to the furniture is reused from the wood pallet material available from the owner.

建設的目的是與KOI水族館相結合的咖啡館空間,KOI水族館是一種被稱為日本國家魚類的魚類。 該建築基於三層房屋,前院總面積為88平方米(5.5米x 16米),設計鋼結構的要求易於安裝和拆卸。 此外,從天花板到家具的整個內部空間可從業主提供的木托盤材料中重複使用。

KOI CAFÉ space makes an initial impression by using the Batrang double traditional tile for the facade of the building. The roof is like a layer of film that covers the entire facade, creating an impression and attracting attention by the difference with the surrounding buildings.

KOICAFÉ空間通過使用Batrang雙層傳統瓷磚作為建築立面給人留下了初步印象。 屋頂就像一層覆蓋整個立面的薄膜,通過與周圍建築的差異營造出一種印象和吸引注意力。


FROM:Koi Cafe Bình Dương

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