Over the last decade, green roofs — that is, rooftops planted with living vegetation — have been touted for their environmentally friendly benefits. But while they certainly help prevent rainwater runoff and provide extra insulation, a new study shows that the sustainable rooftop garden might not be the best solution for fighting climate change.

Indeed, if you want to save energy and the earth, you should probably paint your roof blanc. A report published in the Energy and Buildings Journal found that white roofs are three times more effective than either green or black ones in combatting climate change. That’s because they reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere instead of absorbing it, and therefore reduce interior temperatures of the rooms below.

In light of these new findings, we hope to see more buildings crowned in white. Until then, check out these projects in our database with white rooftops.

在過去的十年中,綠色屋頂 – 即種植植物的屋頂 – 一直受到吹捧,因為它們具有環保效益。 雖然它們確實有助於防止雨水徑流並提供額外的隔熱效果,但一項新的研究表明,可持續屋頂花園可能不是應對氣候變化的最佳解決方案。

事實上,如果你想節省能源和地球,你應該塗抹你的屋頂。 “能源與建築雜誌”發表的一份報告發現,白色屋頂在應對氣候變化方面比綠色屋頂或黑色屋頂的效率高三倍。 這是因為它們將太陽光反射回大氣層而不是吸收它,因此降低了下面房間的室內溫度。

鑑於這些新發現,我們希望看到更多的建築物以白色加冕。 在此之前,請使用白色屋頂在我們的數據庫中查看這些項目。

“Magical” Science and Technology Park by PichArchitects, Lleida, Spain

Like a boomerang, this sweeping white roof extends from the main structure to send excessive solar rays back into the atmosphere, preventing heat buildup inside the home.



La Piscucha by cincopatasalgato, San Salvador

In addition to integrated sustainable building practices—including floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light and cross-ventilation, water treatment for rainwater, and solar panels—this house in San Salvador features a white roof that was designed to give the house a “ready to fly” feel.

La Piscucha by cincopatasalgato,San Salvador

除了綜合的可持續建築實踐 – 包括自然採光和交叉通風的落地窗,雨水和太陽能電池板的水處理 – 這座位於聖薩爾瓦多的房屋設有白色屋頂,旨在為房屋提供“ 準備飛“感覺。

Coral Gables House by Touzet Studio Architecture and Design, Miami

Not only does this smooth white stucco roof satisfy the client’s desire for a “soaring” structure, it also shades interior rooms from the region’s harsh sunlight, all while paying tribute to Miami’s sleek style.

邁阿密Touzet工作室建築與設計的Coral Gables House


Thermal Baths in Bad Ems by 4a Architekten GmbH, Bad Ems, Germany

A shallow, white roof gives health enthusiasts another reason to pamper themselves at the striking thermal baths in Bad Ems, Germany.

Bad Ems的溫泉浴場由4a Architekten GmbH,Bad Ems,德國提供

淺淺的白色屋頂為健康愛好者提供了另一個在德國巴特埃姆斯(Bad Ems)引人注目的溫泉浴場放鬆身心的理由。

Centre Pompidou Metz by Shigeru Ban Architects + Dean Maltz Architect, Metz, France

When designing the new branch of the Pompidou Centre in Metz, Shigeru Ban found inspiration for the voluminous roof in a Chinese hat he found in a Parisian antique shop. Ban designed a hexagonal structure of bamboo to create the roof, which he covered in a white material that lends a billowing surface that also reflects sunlight.

蓬皮杜梅斯中心由Shigeru Ban Architects + Dean Maltz Architect,Metz,France

在設計梅斯蓬皮杜中心的新分支時,Shigeru Ban在巴黎古董店找到的中國帽子中找到了大量屋頂的靈感。 Ban設計了一個六角形的竹子結構來創造屋頂,他用白色材料覆蓋,使滾滾表面也能反射陽光。

Armadillo by Yuji Tanabe Architects, Kamakura, Japan

The namesake of the Armadillo house comes from the structure’s feeling of being armored from the elements — including the sun! Bonus: The distinct white roof also resembles the animal’s head.

日本鎌倉市Yuji Tanabe建築事務所的Armadillo

Armadillo房子的同名來自於結構的元素裝甲感 – 包括太陽! 獎勵:獨特的白色屋頂也類似於動物的頭部。

Autostadt Roof and Service Pavilion by GRAFT, Wolfsburg, Germany

GRAFT’s sweeping design for a service pavilion roof acts like a solar parasol that protects waiting customers from sunlight. It’s also a bold design gesture.


GRAFT為服務亭屋頂設計的全面設計就像一把太陽傘,可以保護等待的顧客免受陽光照射。 這也是一個大膽的設計手勢。

Pajol Sports Centre by Brisac Gonzalez Architects, Paris

Along with photovoltaic cells and recycled materials, the Pajol Sports Centre’s gradient white façade and sculpted roof work together to create an overall sustainable structure that prevents heat buildup.

Pajol體育中心,巴黎Brisac Gonzalez建築事務所




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