Fireboat With Contemporary Camouflage

New York City’s historic Fireboat John J. Harvey has been transformed into a dazzling display of red and white marbling in a new piece by artist Tauba Auerbach (previously). Flow Separation is a co-commission by the Public Art Fund and 14-18 NOW, a UK arts program created for the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. For the new piece Auerbach used the visual language of early 20th-century dazzle camouflage, a technique invented by British painter Norman Wilkinson during WWI to distort a ship’s form and confuse enemies who might be tracking its direction or speed.

紐約市歷史悠久的救生艇John J. Harvey在藝術家Tauba Auerbach(先前)的新作品中被改造成令人眼花繚亂的紅白相間大理石紋。 Flow Separation是公共藝術基金會和14-18 NOW聯合委員會,這是為第一次世界大戰結束100週年而創建的英國藝術項目。對於新作品,奧爾巴赫使用20世紀初的視覺語言炫目 偽裝,英國畫家諾曼威爾金森在第一次世界大戰期間發明的一種技術,用於扭曲船體的形狀並混淆可能跟踪其方向或速度的敵人。

Auerbach was also inspired by the pattern created by a wake when an object moves through water, which is referenced in the work’s title. The ship flies a flag that diagrams “flow separation,” a phenomenon that occurs when areas of fluid in a wake move backwards and create eddies. To imitate this form for the design of the boat she floated inks on a fluid bath and transferred this process to paper.

當一個物體在水中移動時,奧爾巴赫的靈感來自於喚醒所產生的模式,這在作品的標題中被引用。 這艘船飛過一個標誌著“流動分離”的旗幟,這種現象發生在尾流中的流體區域向後移動並產生漩渦時。 為了模仿這種形式的船的設計,她將油墨漂浮在液體浴上並將該過程轉移到紙上。

For the last four years, 14-18 NOW has commissioned four artists to create Dazzle Ships in the UK, including Carlos Cruz-Diez, Tobias Rehberger, Ciara Phillips, and Sir Peter Blake. Auerbach’s vessel will be the last work in the series, and the first boat to appear in the U.S. The ship will be available for free trips through September 23, 2018, and on view through May 12, 2019. You can visit the boat at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 6 until August 12, 2018, at Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 from August 13 to September 23, 2018, and at Hudson River Park’s Pier 66a from September 24, 2018 to May 12, 2019.

在過去的四年中,14-18現在已經委託四位藝術家在英國製造Dazzle Ships,其中包括Carlos Cruz-Diez,Tobias Rehberger,Ciara Phillips和Sir Peter Blake。 奧爾巴赫的船隻將是該系列中的最後一艘船,也是第一艘出現在美國的船。這艘船將於2018年9月23日開始免費旅行,並於2019年5月12日開始觀看。您可以在布魯克林參觀船隻。 橋樑公園,6號碼頭至2018年8月12日,2018年8月13日至9月23日在哈德遜河公園的25號碼頭,以及2018年9月24日至2019年5月12日在哈德遜河公園的66a碼頭。


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