Zhuhai Opera House 珠海歌劇院

A lightweight, yet dynamic structure designed by beijing institute of architectural design (BIAD), sits on the shores of zhuhai island, in china‘s guangdong province. blending naturally within the sea and sky with a pure and elegant form, the zhuhai opera house spreads along the coastal plane in the shape of two curved structures, occupying 59,000 sq-meters in total.

由北京建築設計學院(BIAD)設計的輕質而動態的建築,坐落在中國廣東省珠海島的海岸上。 珠海歌劇院以海洋和天空自然融合,形成一個純淨優雅的形式,沿著海岸線以兩個弧形結構的形式展開,總面積達59,000平方米。

In a poetic manner, the layout of the site references the receding tides in the evening accompanied by the moon, with which ma long, deputy chief architect of BIAD, has managed to erect a new landmark for the island while maintaining a humble attitude towards nature. the two structures of the zhuhai opera house feature a 1,550-seat opera house and a 550 seat multi-function theater, and are connected with a 350-seat outdoor theater. entering the structure, visitors encounter an equally dramatic interior, where a play between sunlight, moonlight, and theater lights blend with each other across the translucent facade.

該場地的佈局以詩意的方式引用了月亮伴隨著月亮的傍晚潮流,BIAD的副總設計師已經設法為島嶼建立了一個新的地標,同時保持對自然的謙遜態度。 珠海歌劇院的兩座建築設有1,550個座位的歌劇院和550個座位的多功能劇院,並與350個座位的戶外劇院相連。 進入建築物時,遊客會遇到同樣引人注目的室內空間,陽光,月光和劇院燈之間的遊戲在半透明的立面上相互融合。

Rising from the first floor foyer, the sleek auditorium offers glimpses towards the surroundings and sea. its design is carried out in three layers: first, three horizontal lines (border line of balcony, auditorium, and orchestral pit) and three vertical channels of recessed light connect to form a natural flow in the space; second, in order to express the grandeur of the auditorium, BIAD has adopted an axis-symmetrical pattern and a horseshoe-shaped layout, in which the auditorium and the balcony rise gradually and use the latest three-dimensional digital technology for inspection and design so that all audiences have a high-quality experience; and last, the design also pays special attention to the acoustics of the performance and the requirements of the stage machinery, and integrates all the acoustic reverberations and sound-absorbing treatments into the overall outcome.

這間時尚的禮堂從一樓的門廳升起,可以看到周圍的環境和大海。 它的設計分為三層:第一層,三條水平線(陽台,禮堂和管弦樂器的邊界線)和三個垂直的凹槽連接通道,形成空間的自然流動; 第二,為了表達禮堂的宏偉,BIAD採用了軸對稱圖案和馬蹄形佈局,禮堂和陽台逐漸上升,並採用最新的三維數字技術進行檢查和設計。 所有觀眾都擁有高質量的體驗; 最後,該設計還特別注重性能的聲學和舞台機械的要求,並將所有聲學混響和吸音處理整合到整體結果中。



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