Though the finishing touches are still being put on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in advance of its August debut, guests are still flocking to Toy Story Land at this park, which opened just under a year ago. And though this new land is already in rough shape, earlier this week Disney announced that this new land would be expanding soon with a brand new restaurant. But it’s probably not the one you are thinking of…

儘管在8月首次亮相之前,迪斯尼好萊塢影城的星球大戰:銀河邊緣仍然有所收穫,但客人仍然蜂擁至玩具總動員之地,該公園於一年前開業。 雖然這片新土地已經處於粗糙狀態,但本週早些時候,迪士尼宣布,這片新土地將很快擴建,並開設一家全新的餐廳。 但它可能不是你想到的那個……

New Roundup Rodeo BBQ Table Service restaurant coming to Toy Story Land|新的綜合圈地燒烤桌服務餐廳來玩具故事土地

One of the most puzzling aspects of Toy Story Land that many guests noted when this land opened (other than its lack of shade) was the absence of a restaurant beyond the Woody’s Lunch Box snack stop. However, it looks like Disney will be remedying this issue soon by introducing a brand-new table-service restaurant in this location. However, if you were hoping that the fan-favorite in-film Pizza Planet restaurant would be coming to Toy Story Land, sadly, you’d be mistaken.

Instead, this new restaurant will be themed to resemble a new “rodeo” play area assembled with cardboard boxes cut and taped together, this new location will feature multiple dining rooms and plenty of familiar toy characters that have been brought together to create a fun, colorful mashup-atmosphere that only a child could create. This immersive restaurant will surround guests with a kaleidoscope of toys, games, and playsets that will certainly please fans of the long-running Toy Story franchise.

許多客人在這片土地開放時注意到玩具總動員土地最令人費解的方面之一(除了沒有陰涼處)是Woody’s Lunch Box小吃站之外沒有餐廳。 然而,看起來迪士尼將很快通過在這個地方引入一個全新的餐桌服務餐廳來解決這個問題。 然而,如果你希望粉絲最喜歡的電影中的Pizza Planet餐廳會來玩具故事場,可悲的是,你會錯的。

相反,這家新餐廳將以一個新的“牛仔競技”遊樂區為主題,這個遊樂區將紙板箱切割並粘貼在一起,這個新的位置將設有多個餐廳和大量熟悉的玩具角色,這些角色匯集在一起,營造出一種樂趣, 多彩的混搭氛圍,只有孩子才能創造。 這個身臨其境的餐廳將為客人提供萬花筒般的玩具,遊戲和玩具,這些玩具肯定會吸引玩家故事長期玩家的粉絲。

There is no opening date yet|還沒有開放日期

Though Disney shared plenty of details about the theming of this new restaurant, one thing we have yet to learn is when it might open. Because of the close proximity to the entrance of Toy Story Land, we’ll probably know when work on this project will begin, but as of right now we simply don’t know when Disney will start, or more importantly, complete work on this new restaurant. But it’s probably a safe bet that we won’t be dining at the Roundup Rodeo BBQ any time this year.

雖然迪士尼分享了關於這家新餐廳主題的大量詳細信息,但我們尚未學到的一件事就是它何時開放。 由於靠近Toy Story Land的入口,我們可能知道什麼時候開始這個項目的工作,但是現在我們根本不知道迪士尼什麼時候開始,或者更重要的是,完成這項工作的時間 新餐廳。 但是今年任何時候我們都不會在Roundup Rodeo BBQ上用餐,這可能是一個安全的選擇。

Will there be more Toy Story Land expansions in the future?|未來還會有更多的玩具總動員土地擴張嗎?

Though Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the fourth iteration of this land at a Disney Park, it actually has some very different attractions when compared with its international cousins, which could make this land an easy one to expand, in theory. However, with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge bumping up against the border of this land, and the other side flanked by the Animation Courtyard, there wouldn’t be a lot of space to add more attractions without closing fan-favorite attractions like Walt Disney Presents (formerly One Man’s Dream), Voyage of the Little Mermaid, or the Star Wars Launch Bay in order to make room, making further expansion likely something that wouldn’t happen for several years at least, especially with so many other projects in the works at Walt Disney World.

Though this new expansion is relatively small in scale, the addition of a new table service restaurant at Toy Story Land is definitely a much needed improvement, and should help keep guests visiting this land for years to come.

雖然迪士尼好萊塢影城的玩具總動員土地是迪士尼樂園這片土地的第四次迭代,但與其國際表兄弟相比,它實際上有一些非常不同的吸引力,理論上它可以使這片土地變得容易擴張。然而,隨著星球大戰:銀河邊緣撞到這片土地的邊界,另一邊是動畫庭院,如果不關閉像沃爾特迪士尼禮物這樣的粉絲最喜歡的景點,就不會有太多的空間來增加更多景點(以前是One Man’s Dream),小美人魚之旅或星球大戰發射灣為了騰出空間,進一步擴展可能至少在幾年內不會發生,尤其是在工程中有這麼多其他項目在華特迪士尼世界。

雖然這種新的擴張規模相對較小,但在Toy Story Land增加一家新的餐桌服務餐廳絕對是一項非常需要的改進,並且應該有助於讓客人在未來幾年內訪問這片土地。



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