Untitled 2018 The Infinite Dimensions of Smallness

Critically-acclaimed artist Rirkrit Tiravanija presents untitled 2018 (the infinite dimensions of smallness), the second showcase of the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission series. This site-specific installation consists of a large-scale bamboo maze with a Japanese tea house at its centre. Drawing on regional materials, architecture and traditions, it embraces Tiravanija’s interest in cross-disciplinary and collaborative art practice. Within the space, visitors are invited to encounter each other, and participate in interactive programmes including tea ceremonies by local and international tea masters.

備受好評的藝術家Rirkrit Tiravanija呈現了無標題的2018年(無限小的尺寸),這是Ng Teng Fong屋頂花園委員會系列的第二個展示。這個特定場地的裝置包括一個大型竹迷宮,中間有一個日本茶館。借鑒區域材料,建築和傳統,它包含了Tiravanija對跨學科和協作藝術實踐的興趣。在這個空間內,邀請參觀者互相見面,並參加互動節目,包括當地和國際茶藝大師的茶道儀式。

Rirkrit Tiravanija (b. 1961, Buenos Aires, Argentina) lives and works in New York, Berlin, and Chiang Mai. He has held solo exhibitions in major international venues including Guggenheim Museum, New York (2005), Fridericianum, Kassel (2009), Centre Pompidou, Paris (2012), Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow (2015) and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2016). He was awarded the Hugo Boss Prize in 2004.

Rirkrit Tiravanija(生於1961年,阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯)在紐約,柏林和清邁生活和工作。他曾在國際主要場館舉辦個展,包括古根海姆博物館,紐約(2005年),Fridericianum,卡塞爾(2009年),蓬皮杜中心,巴黎(2012年),車庫當代藝術博物館,莫斯科(2015年)和Stedelijk博物館,阿姆斯特丹( 2016)。他於2004年獲得了Hugo Boss獎。

“This site-specific installation commissioned for the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden at the National Gallery of Singapore references both the city’s regional-specificity and status as an international hub,” says Alexie Glass-Kantor, executive director of Sydney’s Artspace. “Situated in central Singapore and framing the urban skyline, Rirkrit Tiravanija’s large-scale bamboo structure acts as a porous, labyrinthine border between its public surrounds and the intimate rituals of a Japanese teahouse nestled in its centre. Utilized as a space for both private and collaborative encounters, Tiravanija draws on regional architecture, ritual, and tradition to craft a space that thoughtfully exemplifies the subtle intricacies of globalized, socially engaged art practice today. What the artist describes as ‘the infinite dimensions of smallness’ has a vast poetic and reflective quality that draws the audience into an enigmatic entanglement of space and place elegantly dislodged from the everyday.”

“這個為新加坡國家美術館的Ng Teng Fong屋頂花園委託的特定場地安裝參考了該城市的區域特殊性和國際中心地位,”悉尼藝術空間執行董事Alexie Glass-Kantor說。 “Rirkrit Tiravanija位於新加坡中部,構成了城市天際線,其大型竹子結構在其公共環境與位於其中心的日本茶館的私密儀式之間形成了一個多孔的,迷宮般的邊界。作為私人和協作相遇的場所,Tiravanija利用區域建築,儀式和傳統來創造一個空間,巧妙地體現了當今全球化,社會參與藝術實踐的微妙複雜性。藝術家所描述的“小小的無限維度”具有廣泛的詩意和反思的品質,吸引觀眾進入一種神秘的空間糾纏,從日常生活中脫離優雅的地方。



FROM:Teaser for untitled 2018 (the infinite dimensions of smallness) – Rirkrit Tiravanija

FROM:untitled 2018 (the infinite dimensions of smallness) – Rirkrit Tiravanija

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