Architect Frank Gehry has designed a pair of office buildings for Warner Bros Entertainment in Los Angeles, to resemble “icebergs floating along the freeway”.

Gehry Partners’ plans for the 800,000-square-foot (74,000-square-metre) complex to extend the entertainment company’s current building in the Burbank Media District. Located in the city of Burbank, the area has formed a hub for major media and entertainment companies such as Warner Bros since the 1920s.

The Canadian-American architect hopes the project will “recapture that feeling of old Hollywood splendour” that existed during its early years.

“Once upon a time, Hollywood Studios had an important architectural presence in the city – they were like monuments to the movie-making process,” said Gehry.


Gehry Partners計劃建造佔地80萬平方英尺(74,000平方米)的綜合建築,以擴建娛樂公司目前在伯班克媒體區的建築。 該地區位於伯班克市,自20世紀20年代以來,已成為華納兄弟等主要媒體和娛樂公司的中心。


“曾幾何時,好萊塢影城在這個城市有著重要的建築風格 – 它們就像電影製作過程中的紀念碑,”蓋里說。

Frank Gehry designed the buildings to extend Warner Bros’ campus in the Burbank Media District|Frank Gehry設計建築物以擴展華納兄弟在伯班克媒體區的校園

Nicknamed Second Century Project, the complex will be erected opposite Warner Bros headquarters on the other side of the Ventura Freeway. It will comprise two huge office buildings broken up into stepped, staggered and slanted fragments, and fronted by glass.

“From the freeway, the buildings are composed as one long sculptural glass facade that creates a single identity like icebergs floating along the freeway,” said Gehry.

A terraced, punched-metal facade will run along the rear of the building and is intended to reference the scale and aesthetic of the existing studio buildings.

綽號為二世紀項目的建築群將位於文圖拉高速公路另一側的華納兄弟總部對面。 它將包括兩個巨大的辦公樓,分為階梯狀,交錯狀和傾斜狀的碎片,並由玻璃製成。



The two structures are fragmented into stepped and slanted towers |這兩個結構被分割成階梯式和傾斜式塔

Gehry Partners divided the office complex into two buildings: one seven stories high containing 355,000 square feet (33,000 square metres) and a nine-storey building with an area of 445,000 square feet (41,000 square metres).

While they appear disjointed from the exterior, inside they will be designed to offer large, open workspaces.

“We created large open floorplates with the single goal of creating the highest quality office space,” Gehry said.

Gehry Partners將辦公樓分為兩棟建築:一棟七層樓高,包括355,000平方英尺(33,000平方米),另一棟九層樓,面積為445,000平方英尺(41,000平方米)。



Developed by local firms Worthe Real Estate Group and Stockbridge Real Estate, the Second Century Project forms part of a major expansion of Warner Bros Entertainment headquarters.

As part of this, Warner Bros will also purchase the The Burbank Studios property – located next to the plot of the new build – from Worthe Real Estate Group and Stockbridge Real Estate. The building will provide the company with additional production office space, eight sound stages, a mill building and a commissary.


作為其中的一部分,華納兄弟還將從沃爾特房地產集團和Stockbridge房地產公司購買位於新建築地塊旁邊的The Burbank Studios房產。 該建築將為公司提供額外的生產辦公空間,八個聲場,一個磨坊樓和一個小賣部。

Facades will comprise a mix of large expanses of glazing and punched metal |外牆將包括大面積的玻璃和穿孔金屬的混合物

Construction of the Second Century Project is slated for completion in 2023 – coinciding with Warner Bros’ centennial celebration.

Gehry, who was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1989, has enjoyed an architectural career that spans seven decades. During this time, he has developed a flair for sculptural architecture – ranging from the “paper bag” University of Technology building in Sydney to the aluminium-clad Luma Arles Tower in France, which is set to open next year.

Aaron Betsky celebrated the architect’s “unending thirst for new work, new ideas, new forms” in an Opinion column to coincide with his 90th birthday this year.

二十世紀項目的建設計劃於2023年完工 – 恰逢華納兄弟百年慶典。

傑里於1989年獲得普利茲克獎,他的建築生涯歷時七十年。 在此期間,他開發了一種雕塑建築風格 – 從悉尼的“紙袋”科技大樓到法國的鋁製Luma Arles Tower,將於明年開放。

Aaron Betsky在意見專欄中慶祝建築師“對新工作,新想法,新形式的無止境的渴望”,以配合他今年的90歲生日。




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