Casa Santísimo

It is an intervention and extension of a house in the residential area of San Angel at south of Mexico City.


Arquitect design: José Juan Rivera Río, Héctor Módica, Fernanda Soriano, Rogelio Ledesma, Carlos Ledesma.
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Category: Extension
Area: 12916.6 ft2
Project Year: 2018
Photographs: Jaime Navarro

Arquitect設計:JoséJuanRiveraRío,HéctorMainica,Fernanda Soriano,Rogelio Ledesma,Carlos Ledesma。
照片:Jaime Navarro

The challenge in this project is to preserve the essence of the original house, being a house with a large central courtyard with a traditional style of colonial hacienda characteristic of the houses in San Angel. In turn complement the architectural program with a contemporary touch in such a way that respect to 100% the essence and style of the original house. To achieve this result, we think of materials such as wood, flattened whitewash, volcanic stone, glass, as well as giving importance to vegetation; with the intention of differentiating the new part of the original part of the house achieving a good dialogue between both.

這個項目的挑戰是保留原始房屋的精髓,是一個帶有大型中央庭院的房子,擁有傳統風格的殖民地莊園,是聖天使房屋的特色。 反過來補充建築項目與現代的觸摸,以100%尊重原始房子的本質和風格。 為了達到這個目的,我們想到了木材,扁平粉飾,火山石,玻璃等材料,以及對植被的重視; 旨在區分房屋原有部分的新部分,實現兩者之間的良好對話。

On the ground floor we find the living-dining room between the garden and the central courtyard, looking for the greatest possible transparency between them causing a cross ventilation. In the same way it was possible to play with the interior atmosphere and the exterior, in such a way that the garden and the central patio are the main elements.

在一樓,我們發現花園和中央庭院之間的起居 – 用餐室,尋找最大可能的透明度,導致交叉通風。 以同樣的方式可以發揮室內氛圍和外觀,使花園和中央庭院成為主要元素。

Around the central courtyard is the game room, studio, family-room, kitchen and laundry, all with direct access and views to the central courtyard.


In the first level we find the most private areas, 3 bedrooms with bathroom-dressing room and terrace each and a more intimate family as well as a gym.


In the basement floor we find the parking lot for 8 cars, 2 service rooms, security booth and the main access to the house in a very independent way to the services.



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