These new photographs capture the twisted and fragmented exterior of US firm Studio Gang’s 40-storey Mira tower, as it takes shape in San Francisco.

Photos released by Mira developer Tishman Speyer capture the 400-foot-high (122-metre-high) tower, which is formed from a series of vertical twisting columns.

這些新照片捕捉到美國公司Studio Gang的40層高的米拉塔的扭曲和破碎的外觀,它在舊金山形成。

Mira開發商Tishman Speyer發布的照片捕獲了400英尺高(122米高)的塔,塔由一系列垂直加撚柱組成。

Studio Gang’s Mira Tower has topped out in San Francisco|Studio Gang的Mira Tower在舊金山已經達到頂峰

In the images, the lower portion of the building is also fitted with the boxy windows that will eventually rise all the way up the structure. Studio Gang founder Jeanne Gang said the design of these was based on the bay windows found across San Francisco, when the scheme’s design was first unveiled last year.

Angled in different directions, and interspersed with balconies, these spiralling forms are intended to provide numerous views of San Francisco Bay, the Bay Bridge and the city skyline from inside Mira. The glazed spaces that project from the exterior also form rooms inside.

在圖像中,建築物的下部也裝有四四方方的窗戶,最終會一直上升到建築物的上方。 Studio Gang創始人Jeanne Gang表示,這些設計是基於舊金山的窗台,當時該計劃的設計於去年首次亮相。

這些螺旋形狀朝向不同方向,並散佈著陽台,旨在提供舊金山灣,海灣大橋和米拉內部城市天際線的眾多景觀。 從外部突出的玻璃空間也形成了室內。

The structure is formed from a series of twisting towers and boxy windows|該結構由一系列扭曲塔和四四方方的窗戶構成

Tishman Speyer released the photos to coincide with the opening of sales of apartments inside Studio Gang’s skyscraper, which is located at 280 Spear Street in the city’s Transbay neighbourhood. Mira will contain 392 luxury residences, in a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom condominiums, townhouses and penthouses.

Renderings of the interiors produced by visualisation company Binyon were released alongside the construction photography. The residences, which are also designed by Studio Gang, are expected to feature plenty of natural light due to the large windows.

Tishman Speyer發布了這些照片,以配合Studio Gang的摩天大樓內的公寓銷售開始,該公寓位於該市Transbay街區的Spear街280號。 Mira將包含392套豪華住宅,包括一臥室,兩臥室和三臥室公寓,聯排別墅和頂層公寓。

可視化公司Binyon製作的室內裝飾渲染與建築攝影一起發布。 這些住宅也由Studio Gang設計,由於設有大窗戶,預計將擁有充足的自然光線。

One of the images shows an apartment with an open-plan lounge and kitchen. The finishes are simple, including pale wood and white walls.

Another visual shows a communal area, with a large white bookshelf and a long table for study.

其中一張照片顯示的公寓設有開放式休息室和廚房。 飾面很簡單,包括淺色木材和白色牆壁。


Studio Gang has also designed the residences inside the tower, as shown in new renderings|Studio Gang還設計了塔內的住宅,如新的效果圖所示

This is one of a host of amenities that Studio Gang has included in Mira. A courtyard, rooftop deck, private dining area and lounge, and a fitness centre, as well as a children’s playroom, conference room and a dog washing station, are among the others.

Around 10,000 square feet (929 square metres) of retail space is also set at the tower’s street level.

這是Studio Gang在Mira中包含的眾多設施之一。 庭院,屋頂平台,私人用餐區,休息室,健身中心,兒童遊戲室,會議室和洗狗台等。


Mira will also include a host of communal spaces, such as a lounge-style lobby area|Mira還將包括一系列公共空間,如休息室風格的大堂區

Valet parking for 340 cars with electric vehicle charging stations and parking for 150 bicycles is also incorporated into the building.

Mira is under construction near to the city’s Financial District and the Oakland Bridge, and is slated for completion later this year.



The tower’s topping out follows a host of Studio Gang-related news, including firm founder Gang being listed as the only architect on Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people. A team led by Gang also recently won a major competition to extend Chicago O’Hare international airport.

Founded in 1997, Studio Gang is headquartered in Chicago and has offices in New York, San Francisco and Paris. The firm is working on a number of other high-rise residences, including a luxury tower in Hawaii and a scalloped concrete condo in New York.

塔樓的最新消息是一系列與Studio Gang相關的消息,其中包括公司創始人Gang被列為時代雜誌100位最有影響力人物的唯一建築師。 由Gang領導的團隊最近還贏得了一項重大比賽,以擴展芝加哥奧黑爾國際機場。

Studio Gang成立於1997年,總部位於芝加哥,在紐約,舊金山和巴黎設有辦事處。 該公司正在開發其他一些高層住宅,包括夏威夷的豪華大廈和紐約的扇形混凝土公寓。



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