Progress & Advancement

Artist: Yang Ying Feng
Location: Raffles Place
This 8.5m-tall behemoth (which tips the scales at a whopping nine metric tonnes) is a stylised representation of Singapore’s Central Business District, celebrating the advancement of the city’s financial sector.


The Progress & Advancement Sculpture is located in one of Singapore’s most popular landmarks – the Raffles Place. This grand sculpture is the work of Yang-Ying Feng, commissioned and donated on 8th August 1988 by local entrepreneur and founder of Overseas Union Bank Limited (OUB) George Lien Ying Chow (1907 – 2004). Showing a detailed Central Business District (CBD) by the Singapore River, this 4m-tall sculpture signifies the progress and advancement of Singapore’s financial sector and stands at Raffles Place.

Progress&Advancement Sculpture位於新加坡最受歡迎的地標之一 – 萊佛士坊。 這個宏偉的雕塑是馮楊英的作品,由當地企業家和海外聯合銀行有限公司(OUB)的創始人George Lien Ying Chow(1907-2004)於1988年8月8日委託和捐贈。 這座4米高的雕塑展示了新加坡河沿岸的詳細中央商務區(CBD),標誌著新加坡金融業的進步和發展,並矗立在萊佛士坊。


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