Here is a great 360° video of the Muppet Vision 3D attraction – once launched the video make a left click and hold down the mouse button and drag it up, down and all around, but make sure first to watch it using Chrome or Firefox as 360° videos generally don’t work with the Safari browser.

這是一個關於Muppet Vision 3D景點的360度全景視頻 – 一旦啟動視頻,左鍵單擊並按住鼠標按鈕並將其向上,向下和向左拖動,但請確保首先使用Chrome或Firefox進行觀看 360°視頻通常不適用於Safari瀏覽器。

FROM:Muppet Vision 3D in 360 Degrees Shot on Garmin VIRB at Walt Disney World



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