This week,shared some of the proposals revealed by designers for Notre-Dame Cathedral’s new spire, after it was engulfed by a major fire last week.

The flurry of designs were unveiled following the French prime minister’s announcement that there would be an international competition to replace the structure.

Among the proposals were Studio Fuksas’ Baccarat crystal roof, Vizumatelier’s light-projecting tower and Mathieu Lehanneur’s visual of a “permanent flame”.

本週,在上週被大火淹沒之後,分享了設計師為Notre-Dame Cathedral的新尖塔揭示的一些建議。


其中包括Studio Fuksas的Baccarat水晶屋頂,Vizumatelier的光投射塔和Mathieu Lehanneur的“永久火焰”視覺效果。


Concr3de proposes using 3D printing to rebuild Notre-Dame |Concr3de建議使用3D打印來重建Notre-Dame

Meanwhile, Concr3de suggested that parts of the gothic cathedral should be rebuilt using 3D printing using material from the fire.

To demonstrate the concept, the Dutch company reproduced Le Stryge, a gargoyle that was severely damaged in a fire, from a mixture of limestone and ash.


為了證明這一概念,這家荷蘭公司在石灰石和灰燼的混合物中復制了Le Stryge,這是一種在火災中嚴重受損的石像鬼。

IKEA’s iconic blue and yellow logo made “future proof” in subtle redesign by Seventy Agency|宜家標誌性的藍色和黃色標誌在Seventy Agency的精心重新設計中取得了“未來證明”

In the design world, IKEA unveiled its first redesign in 36 years. Intended to increase readability, it sees the blue block letters of the iconic logo enlarged inside the yellow oval.

Industrial designer Tucker Viemeister created graphic that blacks out parts of the US flag, in response to the release of the redacted Mueller Report.

在設計界,宜家推出了36年來的首次重新設計。 為了提高可讀性,它看到標誌性徽標的藍色塊字母在黃色橢圓形內部放大。

工業設計師塔克·維梅斯特(Tucker Viemeister)創建的圖形使美國國旗的部分區域變黑,以響應編輯的穆勒報告的發布。

New York City mayor moves to ban glass skyscrapers as part of Green New Deal 作為綠色新政的一部分,紐約市市長將禁止玻璃摩天大樓

In the US, New York’s mayor announced his plans to ban the construction of glass and steel skyscrapers, claiming that “they have no place in our city or on our earth anymore”.

It was also revealed American-Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi’s home would be opened up to the public for the first time, as part of Buro Koray Duman’s planned overhaul of the Noguchi Museum.


據透露,美日雕塑家Isamu Noguchi的家也將首次向公眾開放,這是Buro Koray Duman計劃對野口博物館進行大修的一部分。

Sou Fujimoto Architects ends internships in its Tokyo studio |Sou Fujimoto Architects在其東京工作室結束實習

The international discussion about unpaid internships continued this week, as Sou Fujimoto Architects revealed it had stopped using interns in its Tokyo studio.

It claimed that the move was “not related” to the saga, which began when Serpentine pavilion architect Junya Ishigami’s studio came under fire for not paying its interns.


它聲稱這一舉動與傳奇“無關”,當蛇形館建築師Junya Ishigami的工作室因未支付實習生而受到抨擊時開始。

BIG completes vortex-shaped Glasir education centre in Faroe Islands’ capital |BIG在法羅群島首都完成了渦旋形Glasir教育中心

Architecture news included BIG’s completion of vortex-shaped education centre in the Faroe Islands, and Foster + Partners proposal for a tech-filled library in Sharjah.

Also shared images of Heatherwick Studio’s residential tower EDEN, which is nearing completion in Singapore.

建築新聞包括BIG完成法羅群島的渦旋式教育中心,以及Foster + Partners對沙迦科技館的建議。

此外,Heatherwick Studio的住宅大樓EDEN也在新加坡接近完工。

6a Architects creates bright living spaces in revamp of century-old Coastal House|6a建築師在改造百年曆史的濱海大廈時創造了明亮的生活空間

Projects enjoyed by readers this week included a revamp of century-old seaside house, a residential extension over an English lake and Assemble’s transformation of two derelict houses into Granby Winter Garden.




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