Hats in Three Stages of Landing 三個著陸階段的帽子

Born January 28th, 1929 in Sweeden Claes Oldenburg is an American trained sculptor. He is known for giant sized replicas of common everyday objects. His sculptures were often created with his wife, Coosje van Bruggen. Sadly, after 32 years of marriage, she passed away in 2009.

1929年1月28日出生於Sweeden Claes Oldenburg是一位受過美國訓練的雕塑家。他以常見日常物品的巨大復製品而聞名。他的雕塑經常與他的妻子Coosje van Bruggen一起創作。可悲的是,經過32年的婚姻,她於2009年去世。

Their sculptures are found all over the world. As it turns out there are six of their sculptures in California.


Hats in Three Stages of Landing, the first art installation in California, was put in place in 1982 in Sherwood Park of Salinas California. The art installation consists of three giant cowboy style hats in the park, each supported by two poles of different heights. Each hat is about eighty feet from the next one, and the hats are approximately 9 1/2 feet by 18 feet by 15 1/2 feet. They also weigh about 2,310 pounds! The art sculpture is suppose to reflect a cowboy throwing a cowboy hat from the nearby rodeo as it falls to the ground. The brim of the hats is folded down in a way that a cowboy normally wouldn’t do, but this is to evoke imagery of a horse’s saddle. Holes appear in the hats in order to look more like a salad colander, since 80% of the world’s lettuce comes from Salinas thus giving it the moniker the “Salad Bowl of the World”.

位於加利福尼亞州薩利納斯的捨伍德公園,於1982年在加利福尼亞州的第一個藝術裝置登陸“三個著陸階段的帽子”。藝術裝置由公園內的三個巨型牛仔帽組成,每個帽子由兩個不同高度的桿支撐。每個帽子距離下一個帽子大約八十英尺,帽子大約是9 1/2英尺乘18英尺乘15 1/2英尺。它們的重量也大約為2,310磅!藝術雕塑是為了反映一名牛仔從附近的牛仔競技表演中扔掉一頂牛仔帽,當它落到地上時。帽子的邊緣以牛仔通常不會做的方式向下折疊,但這是為了喚起馬鞍的圖像。帽子出現在帽子上,看起來更像是沙拉漏勺,因為世界上80%的生菜來自薩利納斯,因此給它起了“世界沙拉碗”的綽號。

This was the first art project that Claes Oldenburg worked together with his wife Coosje van Bruggen. But by April 2013, the hats had accumulated graffiti, homeless were sleeping under the art installation, and the paint was peeling badly. They were taken down for restoration in April of 2013 but came back on November 19th, 2013. In addition to $190,000 in costs ($45,000 of which was donated by Oldenburg himself), the restoration required a special blend of yellow for the new paint. Oldenburg had luckily kept a sample of the special blend, undisclosed all these years.

這是Claes Oldenburg與妻子Coosje van Bruggen合作的第一個藝術項目。但到了2013年4月,帽子累積了塗鴉,無家可歸者在藝術裝置下睡覺,油漆剝落嚴重。它們於2013年4月被拆除修復,但於2013年11月19日回歸。除了190,000美元的成本(其中45,000美元由奧爾登堡本人捐贈)之外,修復需要為新塗料特別混合黃色。奧爾登堡幸運地保留了這種特殊混合物的樣品,這些年來都未公開。



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