Basque Health Department Headquarters in Bilbao 畢爾巴鄂巴斯克衛生部總部

The site is located in the crossroad of two important streets of the Ensanche, designed in 1862. The restrictive city rules compel to repeat the shape of the neighbouring walls, reducing penthouses according to a curved directive, chamfering the corner and building a tower on it.


Construction year: 2008
Address: Calle Licenciado Poza | BILBAO | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 43.2608, -2.93571
Architect(s):Coll-Barreu Arquitectos

地址:Calle Licenciado Poza | BILBAO | 西班牙
建築師:Coll-Barreu Arquitectos

The building concentrates services and communications in a vertical spine attached to the longest party hedge and generates seven open floors assigned for offices. Above this, there are two floors for local representative and institutional use. The board hall takes up the double height of the tower. The assembly hall, its lobby and its appendages are situated in the first basement. Further below there are two parking floors and one fourth level for archives. The car lifts allow access to all the basement levels.

該建築將服務和通信集中在與最長方對沖相關的垂直脊柱中,並為辦公室生成七個開放式樓層。 在此之上,有兩個樓層供當地代表和機構使用。 董事會大廳佔據了塔的雙倍高度。 會場,大堂及其附屬物位於地下一層。 下面還有兩個停車樓層和四個檔案館。 汽車電梯可以進入所有地下室層。

The double façade

The double façade solves not only urban requirements but also those concerning energetic, fire-resistant and acoustic insulation from outside. This climatic improvement enables the elimination of the conventional air-conditioning installation as well as the false ceiling. Thus, the sound produced by the building is reduced, air recirculation in workplaces disappears, with a significant increase of health conditions. The volume occupied per floor is also reduced.


雙層立面不僅解決了城市需求,還解決了外部能量,防火和隔音的問題。 這種氣候改善使得能夠消除傳統的空調裝置以及假天花板。 因此,建築物產生的聲音減少,工作場所的空氣再循環消失,健康狀況顯著增加。 每層樓的佔用量也減少了。

The façade responds to the investigation launched by COLL-BARREU ARCHITECTOS in their latest projects, which considers the wrapper as a system. The construction techniques, the operation of the building, the energy exchange, the city and also the very fact, the desire to be …take part in the system definition, but never the elevation or the composition. The system must provide a valid response to the different situations generated in the façade. Instead of merely set the building on the one hand and shaping the urban space on the other, the façade system should become a social vehicle.

外觀回應了COLL-BARREU ARCHITECTOS在其最新項目中發起的調查,該項目將包裝器視為一個系統。建築技術,建築的運作,能源交換,城市以及事實,希望…參與系統定義,但從不提升或組成。系統必須對外立面中生成的不同情況提供有效響應。外立系統應該成為一種社交工具,而不僅僅是一方面設置建築物而另一方面塑造城市空間。

The folded façade generates multiple visual from inside to the streets bellow, and also from the highest floors to the landscape that surrounds the city, a highly effective mechanism for the incorporation of urban vitalism inside the building. The workspace benefits of the permeable, passable and liveable volume of the façade, that enables the building breathing and the space exchange between inside and outside. The system facade of the building is similar to the experience of sitting at the door of a house, above the threshold, with an eye toward the road and the back into the home.



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