Saigon Times Square 西貢時代廣場

Times Square is a high-rise building in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This tower is a 40-storey joint tower and features a modern architectural style. Construction costs, invested by Times Square (Vietnam) Investment Joint Stock Company, totals approximately $125 million USD. The height to the top of the tower is 164 m. The tower was once the third tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City after Saigon One Tower and Bitexco Financial Tower. Currently, Saigon Times Square ranks sixth in height in the city and 23rd nationally.

Times Square hosts The Reverie Saigon, a 286-room Leading Hotels of the World-owned luxury hotel, along with 89 service apartments and 11,900 sq meters of office space.

時代廣場是越南胡志明市第一區的一幢高層建築。 這座塔樓是一幢40層高的聯合塔樓,擁有現代建築風格。 由時代廣場(越南)投資股份公司投資的建築成本總計約1.25億美元。 塔頂高度為164米。 該塔曾經是西貢一號塔和Bitexco金融大廈之後胡志明市第三高的建築。 目前,西貢時代廣場在全市排名第六,全國排名第23位。

時代廣場擁有The Reverie Saigon,擁有286間客房的世界豪華酒店領先酒店,89間服務式公寓和11,900平方米的辦公空間。

General information
Type:Office, Shopping, Residences
Location:Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Construction started:2008
Roof:165 m (541 ft)
Top floor:163.5 m (536 ft)
Technical details
Floor count:39
Design and construction
Architect:Ove Arup

完成:: 2011年
建築師:Ove Arup

Times Square is designed by intemational renowned architects with high emphasis on both its functionality and visual impact. The L shaped tower is designed to suit the site configuration as well as to maximize the south facing facade view towards the Saigon River. Different from other high rise building in Vietnam, a helipad has been designed for helicopter landing on the roof top of the tower. In addition, from inspiration of intemational renowned interior designers, the joumey from the ground level entrance to the hotel lobby, to the restaurants and up to the executive lounge on the 38th floor will be the non-stop discovery of “wow” inspiring sensory experience of modem design. Together with the unique architect. the building is also designed with the highest sustainable strategy in mind and the intelligence use of natwal greenery and water feature, Times Square will become an urban resort at the centre of the HCMC.

時代廣場由國際知名建築師設計,高度重視其功能性和視覺衝擊力。 L形塔的設計適合場地配置,並最大化朝向西貢河的朝南立面。與越南其他高層建築不同,直升機停機坪設計用於直升機降落在塔頂。此外,從國際知名室內設計師的靈感,從地面入口到酒店大堂的joumey,到餐廳和38樓的行政休息室,將不斷發現“哇”鼓舞人心的感官體驗現代設計。與獨特的建築師一起。該建築的設計也考慮到了最高的可持續發展戰略以及對自然綠化和水景的智能使用,時代廣場將成為HCMC中心的城市度假勝地。

ln capitalizing Times Square’ unique prime location in HCMC, TSIJS’s fmancial strength and Vietnam’s emerging real estate development, the owner of TSIJS is going to share his vision that Times Square has the ingredients of developing its luxury hotel and residence into a New Asia brand. Successful examples in Asia include the Regent in Hong Kong-China, the Banyan Tree in Phuket, Raffles in Singapore and Dusit Thanin in Bangkok.



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