Danish studio BIG has completed a sculptural, glass-walled building containing three schools beside a fjord in the Faroe Islands’ capital Tórshavn.

Described by BIG as a “vortex”, Glasir comprises five levels that wrap around a central courtyard, before projecting as cantilevers that overlook surrounding landscape.

The building, which measure 19,200 square metres, contains three different schools and facilities for 1,750 people.




“Glasir retains the autonomy and individual identity for each of the three schools, while creating ideal conditions for collaboration and learning to flourish — an incubator for innovation rather than a traditional school setting,” explained the architecture studio, which is led by Bjarke Ingels.

“The building is organised like a vortex, with each level opening up and the top levels radiating 30 metres out towards the mountainous landscape.”

“Glasir保留了三所學校的自主權和個人身份,同時為合作和學習蓬勃發展創造了理想的條件 – 創新的孵化器而不是傳統的學校環境,”由Bjarke Ingels領導的建築工作室解釋說。


Inside, the building dedicates one level to each of the three schools: Faroe Islands Gymnasium, Tórshavn Technical College and the Business College of Faroe Islands.

There is also a level designated for shared food and faculty spaces, and another for fitness and social gatherings. The levels project outwards, and are aligned with the stepped topography of the site.


還有一個指定用於共享食物和教師空間的級別,另一個用於健身和社交聚會。 這些級別向外突出,並與站點的階梯式地形對齊。

To retain focus on this sculptural form, BIG designed Glasir’s external finishes from glass and aluminium.

The glass panels are staggered and have a sawtooth form. They are teamed with a grass roof intended to help the building blend in with the Faroese landscape over time.


還有一個指定用於共享食物和教師空間的級別,另一個用於健身和社交聚會。 這些級別向外突出,並與站點的階梯式地形對齊。

Glasir is accessed by a bridge, which provides access across the steep slope of the site. It leads into a large circular courtyard, which forms the heart of the building.

Like the building’s exterior, this courtyard is designed as an extension of the surrounding landscape, and it is intended as a “natural gathering point” across all levels within the building.

格拉西爾(Glasir)通過一座橋進入,該橋通過陡峭的山坡進入。 它通向一個大型圓形庭院,形成了建築的核心。


The courtyard measures 32 metres in diameter. It features staggered steps that can be used for meetings and dining, while doubling as auditorium-like seating for larger events.

庭院直徑32米。 它具有交錯的台階,可用於會議和用餐,同時為大型活動增加了禮堂般的座位。

Above the atrium is a giant skylight, flooding the space with daylight, while protecting it from the harsh Faroese climate.

Glasir is complete with interior finishes that combine a selection of stone, cast concrete and wood, while the partitions between the classrooms and courtyard are complete in coloured glass.



BIG won a competition to build Glasir in 2009. Designed in collaboration with Fuglark, Lemming & Eriksson, Rosan Bosch, Samal Johannesen, Martin E Leo and K J Elrad Radgevandi Verkfroendingar, it was dubbed as the largest ever project to be built on the islands.

Since, the Faroe Islands has seen a number of other developments, including a town hall and a cave-like hotel extension both by Henning Larsen.

BIG贏得了2009年Glasir的競賽。與Fuglark,Lemming&Eriksson,Rosan Bosch,Samal Johannesen,Martin E Leo和K J Elrad Radgevandi Verkfroendingar合作設計,它被稱為有史以來規模最大的島嶼項目。

此後,法羅群島已經看到了許多其他的發展,包括市政廳和Henning Larsen的洞穴式酒店擴建。

Founded in 2005 by Bjarke Ingels, BIG is a Copenhagen and New York architecture studio.

Other recent projects by the studio include a concept for floating villages, a proposal for Oakland A’s baseball stadium in California and a copper university building in Massachusetts.

BIG由Bjarke Ingels於2005年創立,是哥本哈根和紐約的建築工作室。


Project credits:

Architect: BIG
Partners-in-charge: Bjarke Ingels, Finn Nørkjær, Ole Elkjær Larsen
Project Architect: Høgni Laksáfoss
Team: Alberte Danvig, Alejandro Mata Gonzales, Alessio Valmori, Alexandre Carpentier, Annette Birthe Jensen, Armen Menendian, Athena Morella, Baptiste Blot, Boris Peianov, Camille Crepin, Claudio Moretti, Dag Præstegaard, Daniel Pihl, David Zahle, Edouard Boisse, Elisha Nathoo, Enea Michelesio, Eskild Nordbud, Ewelina Moszczynska, Frederik Lyng, Goda Luksaite, Henrik Kania, Høgni Laksáfoss, Jakob Lange, Jakob Teglgård Hansen, Jan Besikov, Jan Kudlicka, Jan Magasanik, Jeppe Ecklon, Jesper Boye Andersen, Ji-Young Yoon, Johan Cool, Kari-Ann Petersen, Kim Christensen, Kristoffer Negendahl, Long Zuo, Martin Cajade, Michael Schønemann Jensen, Mikkel Marcker Stubgaard, Niklas Rausch, Norbert Nadudvari, Oana Simionescu, Richard Howis, Sabine Kokina, Simonas Petrakas, Sofia Sofianou, Takumi Iwasawam, Tobias Hjortdal, Tommy Bjørnstrup, Victor Bejenaru, Xiao Xuan Lu
BIG Ideas: Tore Banke, Kristoffer Negendahl
Collaborators: Fuglark, Lemming & Eriksson, Rosan Bosch, Samal Johannesen, Martin E Leo and K J Elrad Radgevandi Verkfroendingar


合夥人:Bjarke Ingels,FinnNørkjær,OleElkjærLarsen
球隊:Alberte Danvig,Alejandro Mata Gonzales,Alessio Valmori,Alexandre Carpentier,Annette Birthe Jensen,Armen Menendian,Athena Morella,Baptiste Blot,Boris Peianov,Camille Crepin,Claudio Moretti,DagPræstegaard,Daniel Pihl,David Zahle,Edouard Boisse,Elisha Nathoo,Enea Michelesio,Eskild Nordbud,Ewelina Moszczynska,Frederik Lyng,Goda Luksaite,Henrik Kania,HøgniLaksáfoss,Jakob Lange,JakobTeglgårdHansen,Jan Besikov,Jan Kudlicka,Jan Magasanik,Jeppe Ecklon,Jesper Boye Andersen,Ji-Young Yoon ,Johan Cool,Kari-Ann Petersen,Kim Christensen,Kristoffer Negendahl,Long Zuo,Martin Cajade,MichaelSchønemannJensen,Mikkel Marcker Stubgaard,Niklas Rausch,Norbert Nadudvari,Oana Simionescu,Richard Howis,Sabine Kokina,Simonas Petrakas,Sofia Sofianou, Takumi Iwasawam,Tobias Hjortdal,TommyBjørnstrup,Victor Bejenaru,Xiao Xuan Lu
大想法:Tore Banke,Kristoffer Negendahl
合作者:Fuglark,Lemming&Eriksson,Rosan Bosch,Samal Johannesen,Martin E Leo和K J Elrad Radgevandi Verkfroendingar



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