Ben Thanh Market 濱城市場

Bến Thành Market (Vietnamese: Chợ Bến Thành) is a large marketplace in central Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam in District 1. The market is one of the earliest surviving structures in Saigon and an important symbol of Hồ Chí Minh City, popular with tourists seeking local handicrafts, textiles, áo dài and souvenirs, as well as local cuisine.

BếnThành市場(越南語:ChợBếnThành)是位於越南第一區HồChíMinh市中心的一個大型市場。該市場是西貢最早的倖存建築之一,也是HồChíMinh市的重要像徵,深受遊客歡迎 尋找當地的手工藝品,紡織品,áodài和紀念品,以及當地美食。

Located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Ben Thanh market is the largest and busiest in the southern megalopolis. Ha Minh Hong, Professor of history at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities of Ho Chi Minh City, says:”In the early 19th century, Ben Thanh market was on the bank of Ben Nghe river. Because the market is located near a pier which means Ben in Vietnamese and a citadel or Thanh in Vietnamese, it is called Ben Thanh”.

At that time, the market was built from wooden walls with a thatched roof. It was in a prosperous area along the bank of the river. In 1859, when French troops invaded Gia Dinh, the market was completely destroyed. The following year, the French built on this place a market with houses with solid walls and brick roofs.

Ben Thanh市場位於胡志明市中心,是南部特大城市最大和最繁忙的市場。 胡志明市社會科學與人文大學歷史系教授Ha Minh Hong說:“19世紀初,Ben Thanh市場位於Ben Nghe河畔。因為市場位於碼頭附近 這意味著越南的Ben和越南的城堡或Thanh,它被稱為Ben Thanh“。

當時,市場是用茅草屋頂的木牆建造的。 它位於河岸邊的繁華地區。 1859年,當法國軍隊入侵Gia Dinh時,市場被完全摧毀。 第二年,法國人在這個地方建造了一個擁有堅固的牆壁和磚屋頂的房屋。

In 1912, the French wanted to choose a new place to build a market to meet the demands of the city’s development. They chose a place near the My Tho railway station, which is now Saigon Bus Station and a new market was built on this site. It was inaugurated in March 1914, and renamed Ben Thanh. In 1985, Ben Thanh Market underwent a major restoration: the roof, the stands and stalls were renovated. Only the southern gate clock tower remained intact. Today, the market covers more than 13,000 m² and has 4 main gates: the southern gate overlooks the Quach Thi Trang Park, the eastern gate overlooks Phan Boi Chau Street; the northern gate overlooks Le Thanh Ton avenue and the western gate leads to Phan Chu Trinh street.
The more than 100-year old Ben Thanh market is an important architectural symbol of Ho Chi Minh City. Khuong Van Muoi is an architect:”The market is a unique architectural site. The clock tower reminds everyone of Ho Chi Minh City. It is surrounded by concrete awnings designed to protect against the weather. This is original architecture ideally suited to the tropical climate here”.

1912年,法國人想選擇一個新的地方來建立一個市場,以滿足城市發展的需求。他們選擇了My Tho火車站附近的一個地方,現在是西貢汽車站,在這個地方建立了一個新的市場。它於1914年3月落成,並更名為Ben Thanh。 1985年,濱城市場進行了重大修復:屋頂,看台和攤位進行了翻新。只有南門鐘樓保持完整。今天,市場面積超過13,000平方米,有4個主要大門:南大門俯瞰Quach Thi Trang公園,東大門俯瞰Phan Boi Chau街;北門俯瞰Le Thanh Ton大道,西大門通往Phan Chu Trinh街。
擁有100多年曆史的Ben Thanh市場是胡志明市的重要建築標誌。 Khuong Van Muoi是一位建築師:“市場是一個獨特的建築工地。鐘樓提醒胡志明市的每一個人。它周圍是為防止天氣而設的混凝土遮陽篷。這是原始建築,非常適合熱帶氣候這裡”。

In the clock tower of the southern gate, there is a small temple where market traders come every day to pray for luck. Inside the market, there are approximately 1,500 stalls which offer products of all kinds ranging from consumer products to luxury products through to the specialties of areas surrounding Ho Chi Minh City. This market brings together 6,000 traders and receives some 10,000 tourists a year.

在南門的鐘樓裡,有一個小寺廟,市場交易員每天都來這裡祈禱好運。 在市場內,大約有1,500個攤位,提供各種產品,從消費品到奢侈品,再到胡志明市周邊地區的特色菜。 這個市場匯集了6000名交易員,每年接待約10,000名遊客。


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