I’ve got a WDW update for you to start the week with the latest pictures of the TRON Lighcycles construction site, Epcot Ratatouille and more.

Let’s start by Epcot to have a look at the Ratatouille site on a different angle than usual. The building facade below is not new. But on the next pics you can see the wall that they are constructing below the facade to make sure guests can not look out of that area of water.

我有一個WDW更新供你開始一周的TRON Lighcycles建築工地,Epcot Ratatouille等的最新圖片。

讓我們從Epcot開始,以不同於通常的角度來看看料理鼠王場地。 下面的建築立面並不新鮮。 但是在下一張照片上你可以看到他們正在建築物外面建造的牆壁,以確保客人看不到那個水域。

Nearby is the new gondolas station for world gateway park entrance. The painting on it looks nice.

附近是世界門戶公園入口的新貢多拉站。 它上面的畫看起來不錯。

Let’s move to WDW Magic Kingdom to have a look at TRON Lightcycles which starts to go vertical on the construction site. That said, it’s not specially interesting right now, which is normal as they are at the start of teh cosntruction of an attraction that won’t open before two years.

讓我們轉到WDW神奇王國,看看TRON Lightcycles在建築工地上開始垂直。 也就是說,它現在並不是特別有趣,這是正常的,因為它們是在兩年前無法打開的景點的開始。

Let’s have a look now at the works for the new resort where was a long time ago the now extict River Country, They’re currently removing everything that was left and clear the ground for the construction.

現在讓我們來看看新度假村的工程,很久以前,現在已經扼殺了River Country,他們正在拆除剩下的所有東西並清理建築的地面。

While we’re there let’s have a look at the River Country / Fort Wilderness area and the picture below shows where was the entrance sign.

當我們在那裡時,讓我們來看看River Country / Fort Wilderness地區,下面的圖片顯示了入口標誌的位置。

Next pictures shows what was the River Country ticket booth…
接下來的圖片展示了River Country的售票亭……

But, wait a minute, on the vintage picture below is written “Fort Wilderness Pavilion / Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue”, so was it River Country ticket booth, or…? In fact, it was River Country ticket booth as you’ll see on the second pciture below and they utilized this area later for the Mickey BBQ but this is the river country area anyway.

但是,等一下,在下面的老式照片上寫著“Fort Wilderness Pavilion / Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue”,那麼它是River Country的售票亭,還是……? 事實上,正如您將在下面的第二個部分看到的那樣是River Country售票亭,他們後來利用這個區域進行Mickey BBQ,但無論如何這都是河流鄉村區域。

The next picture shows what was the inside of the ticket booth where guests would purchase tickets and now you can see it is old and decaying.


The picture below shows the entrance turnstile roof that is to the left of the ticket booth window.

Anyone remember the Fort Wilderness train, also extinct since a looong time?

有人還記得Fort Wilderness火車,很長一段時間也滅絕了嗎?

The trace of the train track or the path through which the train was moving is still visible.


And what happened to the Fort Wilderness train now, you ask? Well the least we can say is that the train is not in good condition, rotting away, as you’ll see on the pics below.

你問,現在Fort Wilderness火車發生了什麼? 好吧,至少我們可以說的是火車狀況不佳,腐爛了,正如你在下面的照片上看到的那樣。



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