Lenfest Plaza

David A. Rubin, OLIN partner and recent Rome Prize recipient, has designed Lenfest Plaza for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. The plaza was created by closing a 220’ length of Cherry Street, from Broad to Carlisle, close to the Philadelphia City Hall. In doing so, a true campus was made for the Academy, linking the newly refurbished Hamilton Building with the historic Furness-Hewitt Building.

OLIN合夥人,最近的羅馬獎獲得者David A. Rubin為賓夕法尼亞美術學院設計了Lenfest Plaza。 廣場是通過關閉220英尺長的櫻桃街(從Broad到Carlisle,靠近費城市政廳)而建成的。 在這樣做的過程中,為學院建造了一個真正的校園,將新近翻修的漢密爾頓大廈與歷史悠久的Furness-Hewitt大樓連接起來。

Rubin’s design includes a carpet of pavers comprised of a random pattern of precast concrete with colors inspired by the Furness-Hewitt Building’s handsome Cherry Street façade running the length of the plaza. In addition, a long over-sized curvilinear bench comprised of three parts is built from sustainably harvested black locust. The re-curving form is like a three-dimensional brush stroke running the length of the plaza, connecting Paint Torch, a 51-foot tall sculpture by Claes Oldenburg, to an elliptically shaped temporary sculpture platform. With LED lighting under the front edge of the bench, a path of light sweeps through the plaza at nighttime.

Rubin的設計包括由隨意圖案的預製混凝土構成的攤舖機地毯,其色彩靈感來自Furness-Hewitt大樓美麗的櫻桃街外牆,沿著廣場的長度延伸。 此外,由可持續收穫的黑蝗蟲建造的由三部分組成的長尺寸曲線長凳。 重新彎曲的形狀就像是一個沿著廣場長度延伸的三維筆觸,將一個51英尺高的Claes Oldenburg雕塑Paint Torch連接到一個橢圓形的臨時雕塑平台上。 在工作台的前緣下方有LED照明,夜間的光線會穿過廣場。

The passive SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) Broad Street subway line vents that run under Cherry Street were capped with a stage made of sustainably-harvested black locust to allow for bands to perform, for people to speak from or to sit upon. The resolution of this infrastructural challenge was founded on OLIN’s fundamental belief that a great public space serves everyone equally—in this case, a variety of seating options, opportunities to see and be seen, and flexible program space are key to the success and population of a great civic space.

The curvilinear bench, the temporary sculpture platform, a new café on the façade of the Hamilton Building, located opposite the stage are all part of the plaza’s composition.

被動的SEPTA(東南賓夕法尼亞交通管理局)Broad Street地鐵線通風口在櫻桃街下運行,上面有一個由可持續收穫的黑蝗蟲製成的舞台,允許樂隊表演,供人們說話或坐下。 這個基礎設施挑戰的解決建立在OLIN的基本信念基礎上,即一個偉大的公共空間平等地為每個人服務 – 在這種情況下,各種座位選擇,觀看和被看見的機會以及靈活的項目空間是成功和人口的關鍵。 一個偉大的公民空間。



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