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The giant FREE stamp was created by artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen under commission by Standard Oil of Ohio (SOhio) in 1982. The concept plan was to install the stamp on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, across from the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument and in front of the SOhio building. The original construction of the stamp had it standing upright, where viewers would never see the FREE portion. Since the sculpture was supposed to installed near the Civil War Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, the idea was that FREE referenced freeing the slaves during the Civil War, and since FREE would not have been seen, was meant to symbolize that not everyone is free today.

這個巨大的免費郵票由藝術家Claes Oldenburg和Coosje Van Bruggen在1982年由俄亥俄州標準石油公司(SOhio)委託製作。概念計劃是在克利夫蘭市中心的公共廣場上安裝郵票,對面是士兵和水手 紀念碑和SOhio大樓前。 郵票的原始結構使它直立,觀眾永遠不會看到免費部分。 由於雕塑本應安裝在內戰士兵和水手紀念碑附近,因此在內戰期間免費引用釋放奴隸的想法,以及因為不會看到免費,這意味著不是每個人都是免費的 今天。

When management at SOhio changed, and the company was later purchased by British Petroleum (BP), the sculpture was never installed and was placed in storage. Finally, in 1991, Claes Oldenburg and the City of Cleveland decided on an area of downtown called Willard Park to erect the sculpture, around the corner from its original location. Since the FREE stamp would no longer carry the same impact without the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, the sculpture was modified to lie on its side as it is today.

當SOhio的管理層發生變化,該公司後來被英國石油公司(BP)收購時,該雕塑從未安裝過,並被存放。 最後,在1991年,Claes Oldenburg和克利夫蘭市決定在市中心的一個叫做Willard Park的地區,在原來的位置附近豎立雕塑。 由於免費郵票在沒有士兵和水手紀念碑的情況下不再具有同樣的影響,因此雕塑被修改為像今天一樣躺在它的側面。

While it does not appear to be pointed out anywhere, I noticed the FREE stamp sculpture still angles towards the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, nodding to its original design.

The stamp measures 28 feet 10 inches x 26 feet x 49 feet and is constructed of steel and aluminum (not rubber).


該印章尺寸為28英尺10英寸x 26英尺x 49英尺,由鋼和鋁(非橡膠)構成。


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