Bord Gáis Energy Theatre

The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre is a landmark project in Ireland. The venue has pushed the boundaries of design, balancing iconic architecture with the functional requirements of a state-of-the-art touring theatre. One reason for the success of this challenging project was the integrated way we worked – Arup provided acoustic design and technical theatre systems consultancy, as well as civil, structural, building services and traffic engineering.

BordGáis能源劇院是愛爾蘭的標誌性項目。 場地突破了設計的界限,平衡了標誌性建築與最先進的旅遊劇院的功能要求。 這個具有挑戰性的項目取得成功的一個原因是我們所採用的綜合方式–Arup提供聲學設計和技術影院系統諮詢,以及土木,結構,建築服務和交通工程。

Built within an angular form designed by Daniel Libeskind, the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre is a functional and complex building. The size and shape of the auditorium is driven by acoustics and theatre requirements. A host of engineering accomplishments remain largely hidden behind the elegant lines, stunning entrance and captivating auditorium.

BordGáisEnergyTheatre劇院以Daniel Libeskind設計的棱角建造,是一座實用而復雜的建築。 禮堂的大小和形狀由聲學和劇院要求驅動。 大量的工程成就仍然隱藏在優雅的線條,令人驚嘆的入口和迷人的禮堂背後。

With the design coordinated well in advance of specialist contractors being appointed, the building was completed on time and within budget in less than three years. The design team kept to the demanding programme and achieved the ambitious aspirational aesthetic through teamwork, coordination and a shared desire to excel.

由於設計在指定的專業承包商之前協調良好,該建築物在不到三年的時間內在預算內完成。 設計團隊堅持要求苛刻的計劃,通過團隊合作,協調和共同的卓越願望實現雄心勃勃的理想審美。

The building brings beautiful engineering to life and shows that local Irish engineering companies can deliver world-class buildings. The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre combines aesthetics, quality and energy-efficiency, without compromising the architectural vision.

The engineering solutions, the complexity of noise controls on the air systems, the lighting, the acoustic modelling and the structural support spans and connections, are all leading-edge.

該建築將美麗的工程帶入生活,並表明當地的愛爾蘭工程公司可以提供世界一流的建築。 BordGáis能源劇院結合了美學,質量和能源效率,同時不影響建築視覺。


The building matches the subtlety with which the space is designed – not just in terms of the architecture but also in terms of the engineering. It was delivered on time and within budget in less than three years.

建築與空間設計的微妙之處相匹配 – 不僅僅是建築方面,還包括工程方面。 它在不到三年的時間內按預算交付。

Two orchestra pit lifts allow for different orchestral and seating configurations for musicals or opera, and the pit interior also has variable acoustic surfaces to suit different functions. A combination of counterweight and centrally controlled motorised bars and hoists provide a robust and adaptable stage engineering system.

兩個管弦樂隊的升降機允許音樂劇或歌劇的不同管弦樂和座位配置,並且坑內部還具有可變聲學表面以適應不同的功能。 配重和中央控制的電動桿和提昇機的組合提供了堅固且適應性強的舞台工程系統。


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