Here is something which won’t help to cool down the relations between Disney and Netflix, as Netflix is negotiating with the American Cinematheque to acquire the historical Egyptian Theatre built by Sid Grauman in the early 1920s as a pharaoh-themed theater on Hollywood Boulevard, just a few yards from Disney’s El Capitan….

這是無法幫助冷卻迪斯尼和Netflix之間關係的東西,因為Netflix正在與美國電影資料館談判,以收購Sid Grauman在20世紀20年代早期作為好萊塢大道上的法老主題劇院建造的歷史埃及劇院, 距離迪士尼的El Capitan僅幾碼之遙….

If this happened the venerable Egyptian Theater will be the first movie theater owned by Netflix. This deal which is expected to worth many tens of millions of dollars, will place Netflix in a better position inside Hollywood cinematic community, because Netflix by purchasing this theater will preserve one of Hollywood’s landmark movie theaters. Also non-profit Cinematheque will have a better financial position after this deal.

The deal won’t affect Netflix’s relationship with independent theaters that show its movies like Landmark and Ipic. Netflix and Cinematheque view this deal as a partnership. Netflix will screen its movies for weekday nights, on the other hand Cinematheque runs screenings, lectures and occasional festivals on weekends.

The historical Egyptian Theater hosted Hollywood’s very first movie premiere in 1922 which was a silent film entitled ‘’Robin Hood, directed by Allan Dwan and starred Douglas Fairbanks as Robin Hood, Wallace Beery as Richard the Lionhearted, Sam De Grasse as Prince John, Enid Bennett as Lady Marion and Alan Hale as Little John. Established in 1981, the Cinematheque in 1998 completed a $12.8 million renovation and facelift to the theater.


這筆交易不會影響Netflix與展示其Landmark和Ipic等電影的獨立影院之間的關係。 Netflix和Cinematheque將此交易視為合作關係。 Netflix將在工作日晚上放映電影,另一方面,Cinematheque會在周末進行放映,講座和偶爾的節日慶典。

歷史悠久的埃及劇院於1922年舉辦了好萊塢首部電影首映式,這是一部名為“羅賓漢”的無聲電影,由艾倫·道恩執導,主演道格拉斯·費爾班克斯飾演羅賓漢,華萊士·貝里飾演理查德·狮心王,薩姆·德格拉斯飾演約翰王子,伊尼德Bennett飾演Lady Marion,Alan Hale飾演Little John。 1998年電影資料館成立於1981年,完成了對劇院的1280萬美元翻新和改造。



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