Batcolumn (or Bat Column) is a 101-foot-tall (31 m) outdoor sculpture in Chicago. Designed by Claes Oldenburg, it takes the shape of a baseball bat standing on its knob. It consists of gray-painted Corten steel arranged into an open latticework structure.

Batcolumn(或Bat Column)是芝加哥一座101英尺(31米)的戶外雕塑。由Claes Oldenburg設計,它的形狀是一個棒球棒站在它的旋鈕上。它由灰色的Corten鋼製成,排列成開放式格子結構。

Batcolumn stands outside the Harold Washington Social Security Administration Building at 600 West Madison Street near downtown Chicago. The United States General Services Administration commissioned the sculpture, which was dedicated in 1977. Oldenburg originally designed the sculpture to be painted red, but he abandoned that idea to distinguish it from Chicago’s Flamingo sculpture by Alexander Calder. Oldenburg instead had Batcolumn painted gray, which he also hoped would make the sculpture easier to see against the sky. A plaque on the sculpture reads, “Oldenburg selected the baseball bat as an emblem of Chicago’s ambition and vigor. The sculpture’s verticality echoes the city’s dramatic skyline, while its form and scale cleverly allude to more traditional civic monuments, such as obelisks and memorial columns.”

Batcolumn位於芝加哥市中心附近600 West Madison Street的Harold Washington社會保障管理大樓外。美國總務管理局委託該雕塑於1977年投入使用。奧登堡最初將雕塑設計為紅色,但他放棄了這一想法,將其與亞歷山大·考爾德的芝加哥火烈鳥雕塑區別開來。奧爾登堡反而將Batcolumn畫成灰色,他也希望這種雕塑能讓雕塑更容易在天空中看到。雕塑上的牌匾上寫著:“奧爾登堡選擇棒球棒作為芝加哥野心和活力的象徵。雕塑的垂直性與城市的戲劇性天際線相呼應,而其形式和規模巧妙地暗示了更為傳統的市民紀念碑,如方尖碑和紀念柱“。

The sculpture has been a source of controversy. On the day of its dedication, a number of people came to protest, holding signs saying “Tear it down” and “Expensive joke”. However, Batcolumn has also had its defenders. A 2005 Chicago Tribune article named it one of the newspaper’s favorite Chicago sculptures (along with Standing Lincoln and the lions outside the Art Institute of Chicago Building).

雕塑一直是爭議的源頭。在其奉獻的當天,一些人前來抗議,舉著牌子說“淚流滿面”和“昂貴的笑話”。然而,Batcolumn也有自己的防守者。 2005年“芝加哥論壇報”的一篇文章將其命名為該報最受歡迎的芝加哥雕塑之一(以及林肯大學和芝加哥藝術學院之外的獅子會)。


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