The famous sights of Paris, France, the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral in the early hours of Taiwan (16th), the fire spread rapidly, the smoke is dense, the raging flames are constantly coming out from the two bell towers of the church, the steeple and roof of the church have collapsed. There were no reports of casualties, the fire was still not controlled, and the cause of the fire was suspected to be related to the church restoration project. According to CNN, it is currently in the critical period of firefighting. If it is impossible to effectively control the spread of fire immediately, the Notre Dame will be afraid to pay.


FROM:Notre Dame’s iconic spire collapses in cathedral fire

FROM:Notre Dame cathedral spire collapses

Paris’s deputy mayor, Emmanuel Gregoire, told BFM that the tower of the Notre Dame “collapsed inward” and that the workers desperately “save all the art that can be preserved.”

The fire broke out at 7:00 pm local time on Monday (at about 1 am Taiwan time), and a spokesperson for the Notre Dame said that the fire was happening when the believers were preparing to celebrate Easter. The police appealed on social media to ask residents to avoid the area and make way for rescue vehicles, and found that all the people in the hospital had been evacuated after the fire. The Paris city fire department said that the fire fighting operation is in progress.

French President Mark Macro’s tweet, the fire of the Notre Dame has touched the “national sentiment”; the German Foreign Ministry said that the fire “touched our heart”; German Chancellor Merkel said that the Notre Dame is “a symbol of European culture”. US President Trump said that the fire at the Notre Dame was “too terrible.” He suggested using a helicopter to rush.

The cause of the fire is still unclear, but officials said the fire may be related to the ongoing church restoration project.

The construction of the Notre Dame can be traced back to the 12th century and is the plot scene of the French writer Victor Hugo’s classic novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. According to Wikipedia, Notre-Dame de Paris, the official name is Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, a Catholic church on the island of Citadines in Paris, France, and the Catholic Diocese of Paris. The Cathedral is built between 1163 and 1250. The building is a Gothic building and is a very representative part of the Gothic church in the 法兰le-de-France region. Notre Dame is the most representative historical monument, tourist attraction and religious site in Paris, attracting tens of millions of tourists every year.

巴黎副市長格雷瓜爾(Emmanuel Gregoire)向BFM電視台表示,聖母院的塔樓「向內倒塌」,工人拚命「拯救所有可以被保存的藝術品。」




聖母院興建年代可追溯至12世紀,是法國作家雨果(Victor Hugo)經典小說 「鐘樓怪人」(The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)的情節場景。根據維基百科,巴黎聖母院(法語:Notre-Dame de Paris),正式名稱為巴黎聖母主教座堂(Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris),是位於法國巴黎西堤島的天主教教堂,也是天主教巴黎總教區的主教座堂,約建造於1163年到1250年間。其建築屬於哥德式建築,是法蘭西島地區的哥德式教堂群裡,非常具有關鍵代表意義的一座。聖母院是巴黎最有代表性的歷史古蹟、觀光名勝與宗教場所,每年吸引上千萬觀光客前往。

FROM:中天新聞 鐘樓倒塌 850年巴黎聖母院恐付之一炬



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