The Academy of Motion Pictures Museum by Renzo Piano Building Workshop is nearing completion along the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles. Piano’s design consists of the renovation of the May Company department store located at the corner of Fairfax and Wilshire, as well as a new glass sphere addition that will house the 1,000-seat David Geffen Theater. Set for opening this year, the project aims to become the world’s premier institution dedicated to movies.

Renzo Piano建築工作室的電影學院博物館即將在洛杉磯的Miracle Mile沿線完工。 鋼琴的設計包括位於費爾法克斯和威爾希爾角落的May Company百貨商店的翻新,以及一個新的玻璃球添加,將容納1000個座位的David Geffen劇院。 該項目計劃於今年開放,旨在成為全球首屈一指的電影專業機構。

The new Academy Museum will be LA’s first museum dedicated to motion pictures. The project was built to meet the museum’s desire to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look into how films are made, to explore the impact of motion pictures on culture, and to convey the power of movies. The May Company department store will be renamed the Saban Building, and the six-story structure will contain more than 50,000 square feet of exhibition space, a high-tech education studio, a 288-seat theater, a museum store, a restaurant, cafe and a variety of public and event spaces.

新的學院博物館將成為洛杉磯第一個致力於電影的博物館。 該項目旨在滿足博物館希望為觀眾提供電影製作方式的幕後視角,探索電影對文化的影響,以及傳達電影的力量。 五月公司百貨商店將更名為薩班大廈,六層結構將包含超過50,000平方英尺的展覽空間,一個高科技教育工作室,一個288個座位的劇院,一個博物館商店,一個餐廳,咖啡館 以及各種公共和活動空間。

The signature glass sphere addition was designed to accommodate a range of programming, from premieres and performances to screenings. At the top of the sphere, a large terrace will be screened by the glass roof and look out over the Hollywood Hills. The museum is set to open later this year. Learn more about the project here.

標誌性的玻璃球添加設計適用於各種節目,從首映式和表演到放映。 在球體的頂部,一個大露台將被玻璃屋頂屏蔽,俯瞰好萊塢山。 該博物館將於今年晚些時候開放。 在此處詳細了解該項目。



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